What Kind Of Boots Are Good For Welding?

A welding job requires one to have good footwear to protect him/her in case of accidents. There are many things to check out for before purchasing your welding boots. In this article, we will talk about what kind of boots are good for welding for a pro and also hobbyists.

There are many things to be considered before buying welding boots. Check out on these aspects:

Things To Consider Before Buying Welding Boots


Padding is a material that protects your feet in case something falls on your feet. When shopping, look out for most comfortable metatarsal boots. The metatarsal boots offers great protection on the top part of your foot and the toes. Ensure that you try it out before paying for the shoe. Buy a bigger size for your comfort.


Ensure that the boots have a very strong sole that looks durable. Most soles made of rubber are very durable thus can serve you for a long time. The sole should be rugged, this will act as an anti-slip for you in case of slippery surfaces in your workshop or working area.


The boots should have the ability to withstand extreme weather and working conditions. Welders do work under harsh weather conditions at times. Before buying your boots, consider buying water proof boots. These will help you conduct your welding duties even on rainy days.

Check both the exterior material and the interior lining. The inner lining should be made of cloth material so that your feet stays dry in wet conditions. Your boots should also be able to withstand the heat and sharp metals.


Your comfort should be considered before buying welding boots. Nobody desires to have boots that give them discomfort. The inner material should not be too hard for the feet.

Go for boots which can allow air to flow in and out. Breathable boots can be won for long hours without a feeling of discomfort.

Light Weight

A welder is required to move around. You don’t just sit at one place during welding. Buying boots that are light on you is good so that you can comfortably move around.

What Kind Of Boots Are Good For Welding?

This is a very common question asked by many welders if not all. So many companies have come up with different kinds of boots but not all are the best.

In this piece we will go through different kinds of boots and their pros and cons and also the best welding boots .

When it comes to welding boots, a welder has broad options to choose from. We will expound on different types of welding boots so as to get a clue on what to buy.

1. Timberland Welding Boots

Are these boots good for welding?

Timberland welding boots are very convenient boots for welders because of the safety they offer. These boots have metatarsal guard which protects a welder’s metatarsal bones and also protects the welder from sparks.

 There are two designs in Timberland welding boots. The Timberland welding boots 40000s and Timberland 53530 Welding boots. These boots are pretty similar the only difference is that the Timberland 53530 Welding boot is taller than other lace up boots. It has a shaft of 8” while Timberland 40000s has a 6” shaft.

 These boots are made of Ever-Guard leather to offer maximum protection and durability. The metatarsal guard allows a welder to be flexible. They also have asymmetrical shield designed to fit the natural shape of your foot.

These boots are designed in such a way that they feel comfortable and can be worn for long hours. The sole of Timberland welding boots is made of synthetic material with an outsole made of rubber.  The sole is rugged to prevent you from slipping, abrasion and also heat resistant.

For more protection and even durability, a Kevlar stitch is used.

2. Red Wing Welding Boots

The Red Wing welding boots are made from full grain leather that is durable. They are also comfortable thus can be worn for long hours. They have a high quality metatarsal guard and steel toe caps to protect the toes and metatarsal bones.

3. Caterpillar Welding Boots

These boots are made up of full grain leather. The sole is anti-slip giving you a reassurance of moving around without fear of slipping. Caterpillar welding boots also has a steel toe guard to protect the toes.

These boots has the advantage of breath ability because of the nylon mesh lining that they have. Although the boots are of good quality, their laces aren’t durable and so it’s advisable to get better laces.

4. Dr Martens Men’s Steel Toe Boots

These boots have no laces. They make it easy to slip on and of. The innersoles are cushioned offering the welder so much comfort.  These boots have an anti bacterial which helps to eliminate bad odor.

 The sides of Dr Marten’s boots are fitted with a padding that protects the ankles from being hurt. The soles are made of air cushioned PVC hence they are not as durable as the rubber soles.

5. Rhino Metatarsal Welding Boots

These boots satisfy the needs of a welder just that the quality is a little bit lower that other welding boots. They aren’t so comfortable because they are heavier than other boots. When you buy these boots ensure you get extra laces.

The clips on the boots tear the laces hence the need to replace the laces. The soles are made up of rubber and are slip resistant. The soles are also oil resistant and the inner soles are cushioned offering you comfort.  If you cannot afford other boots, these boots might be good for a start because they are cheaper.


Welding boots are so many online. This gives you many options to choose from. If you do not find the boot that suits your needs in a shop, online shopping might solve your problem.

If you decide to buy boots online, be cautious of the size. It can become a bit tricky to determine the size that will fit you when buying online.


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