Bijoy Tanchangya

Being part of a welding arc can certainly be challenging. But for me, Bijoy Tanchangya, it’s a part of everyday life. I’m 38 years old and have been involved in welding since I was an adolescent. My father introduced me to the trade, and now it’s become second nature.

Bijoy Tanchangya
It’s me, Bijoy

Personal Approach to Welding

Following my family tradition, I work personally, not as a company, honing my craft and offering my skills wherever needed. My father, a certified welder, taught me everything I know, and I’ve learned to fuse metal even better than him.

Balancing Administrative and Field Work

Although I spend a lot of time on administrative tasks like payroll, purchasing, and project management, I love getting my hands dirty in the field. I weld whenever needed and strive to maintain a high standard of quality and responsiveness in every project I take on. My main goal is to address significant welding safety requirements and build solution-focused products that meet the needs of construction, manufacturing, and fabrication.

Versatility in Welding

Welding is more versatile than most people think; it can be incredibly useful in domestic errands as well. Over the years, I’ve realized my true passion lies in welding, even as I dabble in entrepreneurial ventures. My years of working with metal have made me one of the best welders in the region, with a sharp eye and a strong grip that allows me to join everything from metals to thermoplastics.

Welding on workshop
Welding on workshop

Mentoring the Next Generation

Balancing my passion for welding and my interest in business is tiring, but I never forget my roots as a welder. I enjoy teaching young people entering the welding trade, sharing my knowledge and skills. In my free time, I provide quality reviews on welding products to help my peers enhance their work and efficiency.

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Passion Beyond Welding

When I’m not welding, I’m an avid cook, famous for my homemade parties and backyard barbecues. Known for my community spirit, I bring people together just as I bring metal together, creating bonds that go beyond just work.

homemade parties and backyard barbecues
Homemade parties and backyard barbecues

Source for Welding Advice

I’m always ready to share my opinion on welding techniques over a coffee or drink, making me a reliable source for advice in the welding world. Whether it’s discussing the latest welding methods or enjoying a backyard barbecue, I’m passionate about bringing quality and enthusiasm to everything I do.

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