Eastwood 135 MIG Welder Review – What Is It And How Does It Work?

MIG Welding is the most common type of welding and it is the best for beginners because it is very easy to learn. It is an arc welding process whereby a continuous wire electrode is fed using a welding gun into a weld pool. In short, it is used to melt and connect two metallic parts. MIG is a short form of Metal Inert Gas.

However, even if you have the best MIG welding skills, you cannot achieve much if you don’t have a quality welding machine. The best MIG welding machine should give you amazing results in your DIY projects, garage work, light fabrications or for any other MIG welding project.

One of the common challenges you are likely to face when searching for these machine is finding an affordable but reliable appliance. However, in our Eastwood 135 MIG welder review, you will learn why it is among the most popular machines for MIG welding. It is also among the most affordable models that will give you amazing welding results in your projects.

Detailed Eastwood 135 MIG Welder Review

Before we go into details of this machine, you need to note that this machine is not only suitable for MIG welding but you can also use it for Flux core welding as well. It provides a welding range of 25-135amp and it is able to weld up to 3/16 inches of solid core wire. Also note that it works perfectly with 20172 spoon gun which is the best for welding aluminum. It is also powered by a standard 120 volts household current.


  • Dimensions : 9.5 x 16.1 x 14.5 Inches
  • Rated Duty Cycle  :  20% @ 90 A
  • Rate of wire Feed  : 40-450IPM
  • Weight  : 25kg
  • Length of input power cord : 6’
  • Input Voltage : 120VAC 60Hz
  • Range of Output Amperage : 25 -135 A
  • Maximum Input Amperage : 20 Amp

Major Features

Easy To Use

If you are a hobbyist or a beginner, this machine might be the most ideal due to its user-friendly design. Again, it is very affordable as compared to other models.


This is another major selling point of this machine. You will find that it only weighs 25 kgs which means that it is very easy to carry. This also means that it doesn’t take much of your space which is also another benefit. However, you can use a cart when you need to also carry the shielding gas.


Another reason why you might need to consider is that it comes from a reputable company.  You will also find that it has a robust construction to enhance durability. In addition, it provides the highest bead quality as compared to even the most expensive models.


For anyone searching for a top quality machine for Flux core and MIG welding, Eastwood 135 will give you the best performance. You can also use it to weld stainless steel and mild steel. If you want to weld aluminum, you can attach the 20172-spool gun. It also allows you to weld different materials which have a thinness of 24 gauge. Moreover, it perfectly handles ¼ inch and 3/16 inch solid core wire when using flux core.


Another interesting thing you will be pleased to note about Eastwood 135 it that it provides an amperage range of 25-135 amp.  As a result, it allows you to complete light tasks faster. The control panel also features an adjustment option which gives you full control when working with materials with different thickness. However, this amperage doesn’t make it ideal for heavy duty projects because it is not powerful enough.


It is important to mention that this machine has two control knobs whereby one is for wire feed speed while the other one is for voltage. These controls are very easy to use and they give you a better control of different settings. Infinite voltage control is one of the rare features which you cannot find in many cheap models like the Eastwood 135.

Power Source

The other major benefit you will enjoy when using this machine is that you can use it anywhere since it work perfectly with the standard 120-volt current. This means that it can operate on the normal household electric circuit. It also has a thermal protection function which protects it from the damages that might result from overheating.


Once you decide to buy this machine, you won’t need to worry in case something happens and it fails to work because it is covered by a 3 years warranty. You will get a free replacement for quality issues which might happen within three years after purchase. Again, you can get your cash back within 60 days it doesn’t work as you had expected.

Included Accessories

Some of the items you will find in the package include, gauges, gas regulator, Tweco style torch, clamp and an 8 ft ground cable.

Where Can I Use Eastwood 135 MIG Welder?

This machine is specially designed for fabrication and restoration projects such as welding bicycle frames, exhaust pipes, body panels among other welding tasks. It is also perfect for any welding projects where the metal thickness ranges from 24 gauge -3/16 inches. You can also use it for farm projects due to its flux core capabilities.

What Makes Eastwood 135 Great For Starters?

MIG welding is one of the most common types of welding.  If you are a starter, it is the best to start with because it is very easy to learn. Eastwood 135 is one of the best machines you should consider for this type of welding. As a result, it is one of the best for starters. Apart from that, it comes with easy to understand features. The unit also features intuitive controls and it is also among the most affordable options on the market.

Again, it uses a 135 AMP machine which means that it is suitable for thin metals. However, it is not the best for welding very thick materials and if that is what you normally deal with, it is better to look for a more powerful machine.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Eastwood 135 MIG Welder?

As compared to other MIG welders, most people prefer Eastwood 135 due to the following;

  1. Price – In terms of price, you will find that Eastwood 135 is among the cheapest machines on the market. As a result, it is suitable for those who are just starting out on a budget.
  2. Easy to use – Both professional and hobbyists needs a machine with user-friendly features. In this regard, Eastwood 135 MIG welder comes with intuitive controls which are easy to use.
  3. Protection – Every welding is likely to overheat when used for a long time. This is very dangerous and can damage the machine. To prevent this, Eastwood 135 has a thermal shut of function which enables it to shut off automatically when it becomes too hot.
  4. Portability – A machine that is too bulky will not be the best especially if you will need to use it in different places. As compared to most of the MIG welders on the market, Eastwood is more portable since it has a total weight of 25kgs.
  5. Input power – One thing you need to know is that not all MIG welding machines can work with the standard 120V current. Even if Eastwood 135 is not compatible with 220Volts, you can connect it in any 120v power outlet which means that you can use it anywhere even in your home.


  • Compatible with spool gun
  • Portable design
  • Uses 120V household current
  • User friendly design
  • Suitable for MIG and flux core welding
  • Cheap price
  • Infinite controls


  • Plastic wire drive
  • Not suitable for handling thick metals

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Eastwood 135 a flux or MIG welder?

The good thing about this machine is that it is suitable for both MIG and flux core welding.

  • Can it run on a 120Volts 15A circuit?

You should note that the machine requires a 20A circuit.

  • What is the warranty of the machine?

It is covered by a 3 years warranty.

  • Does the unit come with a gas regulator?

Yes, a regulator plus a gauge are also included in the package.

  • Why is MIG welding so common?

One of the reasons why most artisans love MIG welding is that it allows joints to be sturdier and more ductile. You will also find that unlike other types of welding, MIG welder is very easy to learn.

Final Word

In conclusion, we can say that Eastwood 135 MIG welder is one of the best welding machine for starters or artisans who deal with thin metals. It is also suitable for anyone who is in need of a quality machine for MIG and flux core welding. If you are searching for a premium machine but you cannot afford the cost of the expensive model, this machine is among cheapest options on the market. As compared to other models at its price range, you will find that it has better features which means that it provides a better performance. However, if you need a machine you can use for welding very thick metals, you will need to look for a more powerful machine.


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