Types Of Welding Gloves

Welding involves a lot of heat. It is important to protect yourself from the sparks and heat during the welding exercise.  Getting a pair of the quality welding gloves will guarantee you maximum protection. But there are different types of welding gloves are available on the market.

What Are The Different Types Of Welding Gloves?

There are three common welding gloves:-

1. MIG Welding Gloves

The MIG welding gloves are made for welding jobs which require low heat levels. They offer great protection and can be used for longer durations.

Characteristics of MIG welding gloves

  • They are made from top grade cowhide and pigskin material.
  • Heat resistant and can withstand up to 14000
  • Offer great protection.
  • They’re durable.
  • They have a spray that protects them from flames and fire.

Types of MIG welding gloves

There are several MIG welding gloves with different characteristics. Let’s talk about the most common MIG welding gloves.

  • RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding gloves – The RAPICCA Leather gloves are MIG welding gloves. Although some people use the gloves for other types of welding, these gloves are best in MIG welding. These gloves are heat resistant, offer maximum protection and they also last long. These gloves are made with cowhide.
  • John Tillman and Co 50XL Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves – These gloves are made of top grade cowhide and Kevlar thread for durability. These gloves offer great protection to the welder. The elastic nature of these gloves makes the gloves easy to fit. These are far most the best welding gloves.
  • Premium Leather Welding Gloves –These gloves are also among the best welding gloves. This glove can withstand fire and resist heat. The inner lining is made of cotton to offer you comfort and absorb sweat.

2. TIG Welding Gloves

These welding gloves are used for TIG welding.

Characteristics of TIG welding gloves

  • They offer flexibility because of the finger sensitivity.
  • The TIG welding gloves are made from goatskin, cowhides or pigskin.
  • They offer great protection.

Types of TIG welding gloves

Using other gloves for TIG welding can be very stressful. It is important to buy gloves that are meant for TIG if you’re doing TIG welding. There are several TIG welding gloves:-

  • Endura Goatskin Leather TIG Welding gloves – They are made of goatskin leather material. These gloves are cut proof and heat resistant. The internal part of the gloves has Kevlar’s lining and stitching for durability.
  • Caiman Goatskin TIG Welding Glove – These gloves are made of grain goatskin leather. They are pretty cheap so if you’re on a budget you can easily afford them. These gloves are cut proof although they don’t have the inner lining.

3. Stick Welding Gloves

The stick welding gloves are made from cowhide and elk hides.

Characteristics of Stick welding gloves

  • High heat resistant.
  • They are durable.
  • Provide maximum protection for the welder

Can You Use MIG Gloves For Stick Welding?

Most people ask this question, can you use MIG gloves for stick welding? The answer is yes. Gloves like Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick welding gloves can be used for both MIG and stick welding.

What Are Welding Gloves Made Of?

There are different leather materials used to make different welding gloves. These type of welding gloves you need is determined by the type of welding you intend to do. Welding gloves are made from different animal skins like goatskin, cowhide, pigskin and elk skin.

  1. Cowhide – Cowhide is a very strong material used to make best heat resistant welding gloves. The cowhide material can withstand harsh welding conditions. A welder using gloves made of cowhide has no worry of being hurt by the heat. Cowhide makes the best welding gloves that are durable and comfortable for welders. Welding gloves made from cowhide are also very popular in the whole world.
  2. Goatskin – Goatskin is a perfect material for making high dexterity welding gloves. The flexible nature of this material offer high fingertip sensitivity hence allowing you maximum control during welding. The goatskin material has moisture resistance properties due to the natural fat content found in the skin.
  3. Pigskin – Welding gloves made from pigskin are good because of the small holes which offer breath ability. The welding gloves make from pigskin aren’t flexible hence they are not recommended for professional welders.

What To Consider Before Choosing The Right Welding Gloves

  1. Protection – Welding glove are manufactured in a better way that just other gloves. Welding work requires best heat resistant welding gloves to protect you from the welding heat. It’s best to go for gloves which cover your entire hand for maximum protection.
  2. Comfort – Welding gloves should have a cotton inner lining that helps to absorb moisture and prevent burns. It is important to buy gloves that have extra absorbent lining.
  3. Material – Best welding gloves are made from leather material. The leather material helps the gloves last long. The leather material is recommended because of the ability to withstand heat and abrasions. Cowhide material is widely used in the world. The cowhide material is flame resistant, durable and also versatile. Goatskin material makes light comfortable and durable welding gloves. Pigskin material is strong and is oil resistant and can withstand weather extremities. Gloves made from Elk skin are highly resistant to heat, abrasion and flames. The gloves are also comfortable.
  4. Fitting – Try fit out your gloves before purchasing them to ensure that they fit you perfectly. Gloves that are bulky or even big can make you cause accidents while welding. Choose welding gloves which have ridges which will help things not to slip form your hands.


When purchasing your gloves, ensure that they are appropriated for the type of welding you do. Although MIG welding gloves can be used for TIG welding, they cannot be as convenient as you expect on TIG project. Buying gloves with poor quality material will be cheap but no guarantee for durability. Ensure you invest in good welding gloves.


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