Millermatic 350P Review – What Makes It So Unique?

If you deal with heavy-duty welding tasks, you clearly understand the importance of having a high quality-welding machine. Apart from spending a lot of time to complete projects, a low quality machine may also affect the accuracy of your welds.  Again, cheap machines may not be versatile enough which means that you cannot use them for some tasks. If you are tired of using such machines, you need to read our Millermatic 350P review.

This machine is among the most versatile welders you will ever find. Unlike others, we were surprised to find that it has exceptional features which are rare to find in other units. Check out the features below to know why it is among the top rated welding machines on the market.

Millermatic 350P Review – Features That Make It So Awesome

Unlike many other models, this machine comes with fantastic features which you can never find in many machines. As a result, it is among the most expensive welding machines on the market. Some of these features include;

Voltage Input

If you are in need of a welding you can use for industrial applications, Millermatic 350P will be an awesome choice because it has an input power of up to 208 V, 240V and 480V.

Auto Gun Detect. Since it is so powerful, you can use it anywhere like in an industrial site job or for home projects.

Control System

This machine also comes with an outstanding control system which features one knob control. This feature enhances communication among the feeder, gun and the power source. If functions in a way that allows the arc voltage to increase or decrease exactly the same time when the wire speed increases or reduces.

As a result, it provides a constant welding arc. This feature is very convenient for beginners because you won’t need to back and forth as you change different parameters.

Trigger Hold Feature

Trigger hold feature enables you to release the trigger when working on projects that needs continuous welds. This feature is very important for your safety and it also minimizes chances of finger fatigue. On the other hand, the trigger schedule select provides you with an option for choosing an alternative schedule by just tapping the gun trigger. This feature comes in handy when you want to switch between different parameters.

Auto Gun Detect

Another thing you should note about this unit is that it works perfectly with miller air-cooled push and pull guns. This means that you can connect the guns directly where the auto gun detect function detects them and starts the operation. After you have connected the gun, you can now pull the trigger of the gun which you are intending to use. However, you should be aware that this unit is not compatible with other MIG guns.

Integrated Pulsed MIG Programs

The other thing you will absolutely love about this unit is that it comes with different inbuilt programs that are meant to enhance performance. When working with weld and stainless steel materials, you can use 0.35 or 0.45 inches. It also has another program which is the 0.35 and 0.45 inch which you can use when working with 4000 and 5000 aluminum series. Also note that it has 0.45 inch for the metal core.


When buying an expensive machine like the Milermatic 350P, you need to be assured that your money won’t go to waste. In this regard, Milermatic has a 3 years warranty on its products now as the Miller True Blue warrant which covers all its products. This gives you a guarantee that you are investing in a product that you won’t come to regret later.

Torque Feed Motor

The other outstanding feature you will find in this unit is a torque feed motor which has a push-pull design. This design is means to provide the wire with a nonstop push as the gun motor controls the gun’s speed. This means that the two motors works together to enhance accuracy and a positive wire feed speed as they prevent the wire from getting deformed.

Other Outstanding Features

Apart from the above features, this unit also comes with special features which you can’t find in many models. They include;

Internal timers – These ones boosts the size of the crater for stainless steel, metal core and aluminum applications.

Fan on demand – This one is another awesome feature which enhances the duty cycle. It also ensures that no contaminants get into the machine. Apart from that, it also helps in noise reduction and power consumption because it only works when it is necessary.

Four-roll wire drive system – This one features two scales and easy to set tension adjustments It also has a quick-change drive rolls that are reversible for 0.42 and 0.35 inches wires.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Millermatic 350P?

If you are searching for an exceptional machine that will give you a reliable performance, this machine might be what you are looking for. As compared to others, it has amazing features which are meant to boost your productivity. You will also find that it has a high voltage input which makes it to be a great option for heavy duty and industrial projects. 

Apart from that, you can also use it for both MIG and Flux Core projects. You can also use it in different areas such as manufacturing plants, ranch, farm, yatch & boat works, home repairs, construction sites and many other areas where you may need to use a heavy-duty machine. Due to its user-friendly design, it is a great option for both starters and experienced welders. 

However, it is mostly suitable for welding aluminum and this means that you may need to look for a different unit if you work with other types of metals.

Who Should Use Millermatic 350P?

Buying a welding machine without doing some analysis whether it is ideal for your business can be a very expensive mistake. This is because you may end up buying a machine with features that do not match with what you do on daily basis. You will also find that welding machines such as the Millermatic 350P are very expensive which means that you need to be very sure that it will serve the intended purpose.

Having said that, this machine might be an excellent choice for beginners which are searching for an exceptional machine that is very easy to set up. Again, those who have a high power supply may also consider buying this welder due to its high voltage input. This is among the features that set it apart from the rest because it provides a voltage input of 208 V, 240 Volts and 480 volts.

Again, if your work involves different welding tasks like MIG and Flux core, you may also benefit from using this unit.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Millermatic 350P


Portability of the machine matters a lot especially if you are intending to use it in different places. A heavy may not be easy to transport to different workplaces. However, if you decide to pick a heavy machine, you need to ensure that it has a wheeled base. For a lightweight machine, you need to ensure that it has sturdy and comfortable handles. Millermatic 350P is equipped with durable wheels for easier movement.


Welding machines can be dangerous at times. Therefore, you need a machine that protects you from getting hurt when using the device. Again, it should also have some safety features which protects the machine from damages when it is in use or not in use.

Thickness Of Material

You need to be aware that metals have different thickness. This means that you should look for a powerful machine which can handle any thickness. A machine which is compatible with a spoon gun may be ideal for welding aluminum. This is because most MIG welders are not suitable for welding aluminum because it is very thin. In this regard, you will be pleased to note that Millermatic 350P is one of the most powerful machines you can use for materials with different thickness.



  • Very advanced
  • Ideal for industrial and complex welding tasks
  • Equipped with wheels for mobility
  • It can handle different applications
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • High voltage input
  • 3 years warranty
  • Expensive
  • Mainly suitable for aluminum welds

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Millermatic 350P to weld any metal?

Even though this machine is very powerful, it works best with aluminum materials.

2. Is Millermatic 350P worth the price?

This machine is among the best welding machines that will give you the best value for money. If you are searching for a machine you can use for heavy-duty projects, this one will be the best.

Final Verdict

If you normally deal with aluminum welding tasks, Millermatic 350P is the best machine you should have. It is very advanced and also versatile. Due to its advanced features, you can use it for heavy-duty welding tasks such as repairs, manufacturing, fabrication among others. Even if it is a bit expensive, it is worth the price because it performs better than most of the models. Stay Connect with us on


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