Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review

If you are searching for a perfect TIG welding machine, you need to read our Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review. Tungsten Inert Gas [TIG] welders usually use non-consumable tungsten electrode when heating and melting the metallic material. An inert gas such as Argon is also used to cool and protect both the weld puddle and the tungsten. As compared to MIG welding, TIG welding is a bit difficult to learn. Again, the two processes normally use different gases. For example, MIG welders use carbon dioxide while TIG welders use either Argon or Helium.

In terms of results, TIG welding provides the most beautiful welds as compared to any other type of welding. Apart from that, it also provides very clean welds with less splatter. It is the best for car bodies, motorcycles and sculptures due to the amperage control feature.

Lincoln Square Wave 200 Review – Full Features


Dimensions : 22 x 13.1 x 21 Inches

Item Weight : 73.2 Pounds

Material Thickness : 24 gauge- 3/16”

Warranty : 3 Years

AC Frequency : 60-150 Hz

Input Voltages : 120/230V

Materials : Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly

Simple Interface

Unlike other welding machines, Lincoln Square Wave 200 comes with very advanced features which are very easy to use.  It also contains user-friendly features such as the AC frequency, and AC balance. These features enable it to provide smooth welding experience. In case something is not clear, you can check from the user manual. It also has an automatic gas shut off feature.


If you are searching for a portable unit, this one will be a great option. It weighs 46.5 lbs and has a measurement of 41 x 10.75 x 19.25 inches. This means that it is easy to transport

Square Wave Technology

This machine also uses an advanced square wave technology unlike others which use sing wave.  One of the major benefits of square wave technology is that it allows you to weld faster and better as compared to the sing wave technology. Again, it allows the machine to give you excellent results when welding aluminum. This is mainly because you can easily control the AC frequency which provides narrower and broader arc welding.

2-in-1 Machine

If you are searching for a perfect welder you can use for both stick and TIG welding, Lincoln Square Wave 200 is the real deal. It does the two perfectly and will also provide excellent results.

On/Off Switch

This button is located on the right corner and it allows you to adjust  different settings such as the amperage AC frequency and pulse frequency. You can also choose ether AC TIG, DC TIG or Sick from the setting selector.

High Frequency Start

This is a non-contact method for starting an arc.  It prevents the torch from getting into contact with the work piece. As a result, it minimizes chances of contamination. It is among the most preferred starting methods but you should be very careful because it might interfere with the neighboring electronics.


One of the major benefits of using this unit is that it is a dual voltage unit. This means that it uses the normal household 120V and you can also connect it into a 230V outlet.  You will also find two power cables in the package for each voltage. As a result, it is very easy to switch from one voltage to the other.

The unit provides the following power outputs but they vary according to the voltage;

  • 120V : Stick 10-90A, TIG 10-125A
  • 230V : Stick 10A-170A, TIG 10-200A

The duty cycle rating is as follows;

  • 230V : Stick 20% @ 170A, TIG, 25% @ 200A
  • 120V : Stick 20% @ 75A, TIG, 25% @ 125A

Welds Aluminum

Finding a machine you can use to weld aluminum perfectly is not easy at all. However, Lincoln Square Wave 200 is a fantastic option which you can comfortably use to weld aluminum. Apart from aluminum, it is also compatible with steel alloy, chrome alloy and stainless steel.


Another thing you need to know about this machine is that it provides both AC and DC power options. DC TIG is suitable for chrome-moly and steel while the AC TIG is the best for welding aluminum materials.

Inverted Base

Another important feature you will find in this unit is that it uses inverter technology which enables it to hold 200 amps in a 46lbs unit. The inverter acts as a microcomputer and it also helps to distribute and store power.

AC Frequency

You should also note that the machine has an AC frequency range of 60-150Hz. The high frequency allows you to get focused and narrow beam while the lower frequency produces a wider beam.

Pulse Mode

There is also a pulse mode which offers a pulsed current instead of a constant output. As a result, you are able to weld better and faster. Again, the availability of the AC frequency provides better control when welding thin metals.


Apart from the machine, you will also get the following items in the package.

  • Flow meter/Regulator with Gas Hose
  • Ground clamp
  • Foot amptrol
  • PTA-17 TIG Torch Ready-Pak
  • Stick electrode holder
  • 120V/230V input cords

How To Use Lincoln Square Wave 200

TIG welders such as the Lincoln Square Wave 200 are more difficult to use as compared to the MIG welders. This is mainly because you will need to control three things which are the torch foot pedal and the filler rod. However, this is a great thing because you can easily adjust these elements to get specific results.

When using these machines, you use an electric TIG torch with one hand to strike an arc using a filler rod on the other hand. This allows you to feed the filler metal in the weld pool. There is also a foot pedal which helps in controlling the amperage produced by the welder. You can pedal to change the amperage after you have set the maximum amperage on the machine. If you want to get the maximum amperage, you should hold down the pedal. Due to this flexibility, you are able to start your welding slowly to prevent thermal shock on the metal. When setting up the machine, you should always confirm that the ground clamp is properly attached to your work piece.

The TIG torch releases Argon gas into the weld which prevents contamination. However, you should hook up a regulator and a gas bottle for this. You should also ensure that you are using the right welding gas.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Lincoln Square Wave 200?

There are several benefits you will enjoy when using this machine. One of them is the sturdy build quality which is meant to prong its lifespan.  It has a strong metal casing which protects other components of the unit. Apart from the sturdy build quality, this machine also provides a very stable and clean arc as compared to other similar models. As a result, it is a bit expensive. However, it is important to note that it is not suitable for heavy-duty projects.  Another benefit is that it is very easy to use and also portable.


  • Very easy to use controls
  • TIG and stick welding functions
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • It comes with a gas hose and regulator
  • Portable design
  • TIG torch with an in built flex head
  • Ideal for aluminum
  • It comes with a foot pedal control
  • High frequency start
  • Dual voltage 230V or 120V


  • Not the best for heavy-duty tasks
  • 10A minimum output might be too high for some people

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the uses of TIG welders such as Lincoln Square Wave 200?

One of the major benefits of TIG welders is that they are able to weld different metals. Some of the metals that are compatible with these machines include chrome-moly, copper, titanium, steel and aluminum.  You can also use them for the most challenging welding operations like joining circular or curvy metals.

  • Can I use Lincoln Square Wave 200 for heavy-duty tasks?


  • Should I connect a spool gun to the machine when welding aluminum?

When using Lincoln Square Wave 200, you don’t need to attach a spool gun. A spool gun should only be connected to a DC MIG welder.

  • Is the high frequency of this machine adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust from 60Hz- 150Hz

  • Is this machine DC and AC?

Yes, it is both DC and AC. It also works with both 110VAND 220V power outputs.

Our Final Verdict

Even though the price tag for this machine is a bit high, it provides the best value for money. The fact that it comes from one of the most reputable companies in the welding industry should give you confidence that you are buying a quality unit. If you do TIG and stick welding, Lincoln Square Wave 200 is the best for that. Most people love it because it is compatible with a wide variety of metals.


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