Lincoln Power MIG 210 Review With Complete Buying Guide

Having a welding machine that performs all types of welding is one of the best investments you can ever make. If you do different types of welding having such kind of a machine will be very convenient and economical. Such machines are known as multi-process welders. Read our Lincoln Power MIG 210 review to learn how your business can benefit from its performance.

Before we go into details about this machine, it is important to know that it is a 4-in-1 machine. You can use it for TIG, MIG, stick and flux core welding. It is mostly suitable for starters because it is easy to use and ideal for small to medium industrial projects. Check out more details below.

Lincoln Power MIG 210 Review


Dimensions : 14 x 19 x 10.75 inches

240V Duty Cycle : 25% @ 200A

120V Duty Cycle : 40% @ 100A

Weight : 40 lbs

Welding processes : MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux core welding

Wire feed speed : 50-500 IPM

Input Voltage : 120V/240V

Warranty : 3 Years

How Does Lincoln Power MIG 210 Work?

Are you searching for a perfect welding machine that you can use for a small shop tasks light industry repairs and basic maintenance?  If yes, Lincoln Power MIG 210 will be a good choice. As compared to others, this one is very easy to use and it is also portable. Apart from that, it has a dual voltage system which gives you an opportunity to use it anywhere. The price might be a bit high but it delivers unmatched performance as compared to cheaper models.

It provides very powerful joints and clean welds which makes it to be among the most preferred multi-process welder on the market.


Multi-Process Machine

The major reason why this machine is highly preferred is because you can use it to perform a wide variety of welding tasks. It is a 4-in-1 machine which can be used for MIG, flux core, TIG and stick welding. It performs as follows;

  • MIG – When using MIG function, you can weld stainless steel and mild steel with a thickness of 5/16 inches. It can also weld aluminum with a depth of 3/16 inches.
  • DC Stick – It can handle up to 5/32 inches thick stick electrodes.
  • DC TIG – The machine comes with a Torch Start TIG technology which makes it ideal for TIG welding.
  • Flux core – You can also use it for flux core welding

User Friendly Controls

Before you invest in a welding machine, you need to ensure that it has a user-friendly interface for easier use. In this regard, Lincoln MIG 210 comes with dial and push buttons which are designed in a convenient manner for easier use. There is also a digital display which shows you important details you may need when welding.

The ‘Ready Set Weld’ function also makes it easy to use because you can use the machine right from the box.

Voltage Outputs

One of the most effective features you will find in this machine is the dual voltage system. It is compatible with 120V and 230V which means that you can use it anywhere. The 230v also makes it perfect for light industrial tasks.


In terms of design, Lincoln Power MIG 210 is among the most lightweight units because it only weighs 40 lbs. Due to this design, it is very easy to carry in different locations.

The machine also features a sturdy metal construction which extends its durability.

Duty Cycle

It is also important to mention that this machine offers heavy-duty cycle of 25% at 200 A and 40% at 100A.

Thick Metals

If you are searching for a powerful machine for welding thick and tough materials, Lincoln Power MIG 210 will be a suitable choice. It is able to weld stainless steel and mild steel up to 3/8 inch. It is also able to weld aluminum with a thickness of 3/16 inches.

Inverter Power Technology

Another important aspect of this machine is that it has a very reliable power inverter. The purpose of this feature is to ensure that the unit doesn’t consume a lot of power.  This makes it among the most cost effective multi-process welders because it saves you from paying high electricity bills.

Thermal Overload Protection

This machine also features a thermal overload protection which cuts out power in case it overheats. This is a very useful feature because it prevents potential damages that may occur.

Warranty And Price

The price of Lincoln Power 210 is a bit high but  it is worth the price due to its performance. It also comes with a reasonable warranty of 3 years. Other parts have a 1-year warranty or while others come with a 90 days guarantee.


Unlike others, Lincoln MIG 210 comes with different accessories which includes;

  • Gas regulator
  • Magnum PRO 175L gun
  • 120V & 230V input cables
  • Hose gas
  • Gun cable liner
  • Gasless nozzles
  • 25-0.35 and 0.45” wire guides
  • 30-045 Knurled drive rolls
  • 25-0.30, 0.35 inch drive rolls
  • Heavy duty Deluxe cart
  • Replacement screen shield

Who Is It For?

Lincoln Power MIG 210 is an excellent choice for someone with low to mild experience welding experience. It is also suitable for commercial and home use due to its dual voltage capabilities. The fact that this machine is very easy to use makes it an excellent choice for beginners. Again, you don’t have to remember all the settings because you can easily program it to suit the materials you are handling. Due to its 210-power output, it can handle a wide range of materials with different thickness.

If you are searching for a unit you can use to weld aluminum, Lincoln Power MIG 210 might not be the best. However, you can buy a spool gun to make it compatible for aluminum.

Top Benefits Of Purchasing A Multi-Process Machine Like The Lincoln Power 210

If you have not yet considered having a multi-process welder, below are some of the major reasons why you should have it.

Cost effective

The cost of buying a multi-process machine cannot be compared by the cost of buying different machines. You will also find that most of the multi-process machines are quite affordable even for people who are on a budget.  However, you need to ensure that the features of the machines are favorable for your projects.

Saves Time

The other major benefit of these machines is that they save your time since you do not need to transfer the materials to different machines.


You may require a lot of space if you opt to use different machines. However, most multi-process units like the Lincoln Power MIG 210 have a compact design to fit in small rooms.


If you will require to do welding jobs in different places, a multi process welder will be the best option due to its versatility. This will also make your work easier because you do not need to carry different machines.


  • This machine is very versatile since you can use it for flux core, stick, MIG and TIG welding
  • It has a large color display which guides you on the set up process
  • The machine is lightweight and portable since it only weighs 40lbs Very easy to use for everyone
  • Dual voltage capabilities since it can be connected into a 120V or a 230V power supply Robust build quality for durability
  • It provides excellent welds every time
  • User-friendly interface for starters and powerful enough for expert welders
  • Compact design but powerful


  • Even if you can use it for TIG welding, it is not very powerful for this process
  • It is not the best for large industrial projects

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Lincoln 210 so awesome?

The major reason why people love this machine is because it is a 4-in-1 machine. This means that you can use it for MIG, TIG, Stick and flux core welding.

  • Is the machine suitable for heavy industrial tasks?

Even though this machine is very powerful, it is not suitable to handle heavy-duty tasks. It is only suitable for small to mild industrial tasks.

  • Can you do TIG welding using Lincoln Power MIG 210?

It is possible but you will need to purchase a TIG torch.

Wrapping Up

If you have been searching for the best multi-process welder for beginners, Lincoln Power MIG 210 will be an ideal choice. It is very powerful although it is only suitable for light industrial projects. Again, it comes with user-friendly controls and a large display unit for easier use. This machine might be a bit expensive but it provides an exceptional performance as compared to cheap multi-process welders.


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