Esab Rebel EMP 215IC Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

If you are searching for the best welding machine, you should think of buying a multipurpose machine. The good thing about these machines is that you can use them for various welding tasks such as MIG, stick welding TIG welding among others. Even though they are a bit expensive, they are worth the price especially if you deal with a wide variety of metals or complex projects. However, not all multipurpose machines will give you an exceptional performance.

Since we do not want you to waste your money on unreliable product, today we have compiled a detailed Esab Rebel EMP 215IC review. In terms of performance, this machine has exceptional features which you cannot find in any other welding machine. Check more details about it below.

Esab Rebel EMP 215IC Review -Why Its So Uniques?

As compared to other models, Esab Rebel EMP 215IC is equipped with very superior features which enables it to provide the best performance.  Some of those features include:

Large TFT Screen

One of the most notable features that you will find in this machine is the high density 4.3 inches display. The good thing about this display is that it allows you to view your welding status clearly. This screen also display important information like the current temperature, user guide, language settings among others.

Multipurpose Capability

The other thing you will love about this machine is that it is very flexible which means that you can use it for different tasks. You can use it for lift TIG, MIG, flux corded and for stick welding.


This machine is made from a uni-body steel and it is very lightweight. The machine weighs 25kgs which means that you can comfortably move with it from one place to another. It also comes with 5 handles which makes it easy to carry. Apart from the handle, it has a sturdy casing which provides maximum protection in case it falls.


SMIG is a unique feature which enables you to personalize your preferred method of using the machine. This feature adapts the welding techniques to give you a stable arc control. In short, it is a machine language which learns how the user performs various welding tasks. If you are an experienced welder, this feature will greatly boost your productivity. It is also great for newbies because it reduces the time they need to learn how the machine operates.

Plug And Play

Another thing you will love about this machine is that it is a plug and play device. This means that you can use it immediately after you have removed it from the box. You will only need to connect it to a power source and star working.

Dual Voltage

Dual capability means that the device can work with either 120V or 230V. As a result, you can use it at home or for commercial purposes.

Excellent Bending Options

Unlike any other mode, this machine is able to end to a great limit. Consequently, it allows you to make very smooth and accurate welds under different circumstances.

Excellent Duty Cycle

As compared to any other welding machine, this one has the best duty cycle. Apart from that, it provides the best power output of 200-amp power. Also note that it has a rating of IP23S and this means that it is not affected by bad weather.

Procedure Chart

Another thing you will find in this machine is the procedure chart which displays the voltages and amperage for different metal sizes and thickness. It also displays settings for various welding processes. This feature is great for those who want to boost their accuracy when doing various things.

Complete Package

The other benefit of using Esab Rebel EMP 215ic is that it comes as a complete unit. This means that it comes with everything you would require for your projects. It also comes with a torch for TIG welding. Other things you will get in the package includes; regulator, MIG gun, earth clamp and an electrode holder.

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Esab Rebel EMP 215IC

  1. Frequency – The frequency of the machine is one of the things you should check before buying any welding machine. High frequency can interfere with different electrical devices which are near to the machine. Therefore, you should ensure that you are not using this machine near other devices.  Esab Rebel EMP 215IC have a frequency of 50 to 60Hz.
  2. Weight – This machine has a total weight of 55 pounds. This means that it might be a bit heavy but the good thing about it is that it has comfortable handles which makes it easy to carry. Again, it is a bit large which means that you need to ensure that you have enough storage space before buying it.
  3. Duty cycle– This is the running time your machine can operate before overheating. It is important to buy a machine that lets you for long hours without overheating. This will enhance your productivity since you won’t need to stop at the middle of a project to allow the machine to cool down. The good thing about Esab EMOPP 215IC is that it has a good duty cycle which allows you to complete your tasks without overheating.
  4. Adaption system – Unlike others this machine is able to adapt to the skills of the user. This means that if you keep making a mistake, the machine will adapt to that. Therefore, you should always ensure that you are doing the correct thing every time you are using it.

Who Should Buy Esab Rebel 215ic?

If you are searching for a welding machine that can boost your productivity, Esab Rebel 215IC will be a great choice. What sets it apart from the rest is its ability to work continuously without becoming too hot. It also provides stable arc welds which makes it to be a good option for both beginners and experienced welders. Another reason why you may need it is due to its lightweight design which makes it easy to carry. It also features a basic mode with easier set ups and this makes it to be a great option for beginners. There is also another mode which features arc controls for experienced welders. This mode is suitable for welding tasks that requires repeated welding.

This machine is suitable for:

  • Manufacturing
  • DIY projects that involves welding
  • Automotive repair
  • Repair and maintenance projects
  • Arts and craft welding

Safety Precautions You Must Take When Using Esab Rebel 215IC

When using welding machines like the Esab Rebel 215IC, your safety should come first. These machines produce very bright light which is dangerous to your eyes. To ensure that you are safe, you should always wear safety goggles when working. You will also need to wear welding gloves because these machines become hot after some time. A welding helmet is also necessary because it protects you from sparks that are produced during welding.

Other safety gears you may need include; a leather apron and quality-welding boots. The good thing about welding gears is that they are not very expensive. If you do welding as a full time job, there is no reason you should not have these gears if you care about your safety.

You should also avoid the following things when using the machine:

  • Avoid touching the electrode with your hands to prevent burns.
  • Always ensure that you are using the recommended voltage because over voltage may damage your machine.
  • You should also not use the machine in narrow or tight spaces because the sparks may cause fire.



  • Robust design
  • Super comfortable handle
  • All in one welding machine
  • Lightweight and portable
  • SMIG technology makes it easy to use
  • Large LCD color display
  • 3 years handle to handle warranty
  • Expensive
  • The machine runs on DC only

Frequently Asked Questions

1. In stick welding mode, is Esab Rebel EMP 215IC both AC and DC?

You need to note that this machine is DC only.

2. Can this machine do plasma cuts?

No, you can only use it for welds only

3. Do you need gas when using Esab EMP 215IC?

You can weld without using gas but you need a flux core wire

4. Does the machine come with a regulator?

Yes, it comes with a regulator for MIG welding

5. What thickness of steel can it weld?

The machine has a thickness rating of 3/8 inches

Our Final Verdict

Esab Rebel EMP 215IC may be a bit expensive but what sets it apart from other models is that it comes with very advanced features. As a result, it provides a great performance which means that it is worth the money. Since it is a multipurpose machine, you can use it to perform a wide variety of welding tasks which you can’t do with cheaper units. The two modes settings make it ideal for both newbies and experienced welders.


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