8 Best Welder Generator – Top Picks & Reviews

Are you the kind of person that finds themselves with some pieces of iron you would like to weld together? Or still, do you need to do some welding in a remote area? Then you need to get yourself one of the best welder generators.

Actually, a welder generator is a machine that combines a generator and a welding machine in one device.

Therefore, if you are the kind that needs to power machines around the farm and do some welding without much trouble, then, you need a welder generator.

The generator produces power and feeds it to the welder with the need for any other device or connection.

Notably, when you aren’t using the machine for welding, you can use it to supply steady and continuous power for tools and equipment.

Would you like to get tips on how to choose the best welder generator? Please read on.

Reviews On The 8 Best Welder Generator Machines

As we had noted earlier, there are many welder machines in the market, such that choosing one from the collection would be a daunting task. To help you settle on the best welder generator, we have a selection of 8 of the best machine for you. Please have a look.

1. Bobcat 250 Welder Generator – Our Top Pick

Are you looking for s welder generator that will handle your desired tasks quietly and efficiently? Well, this is one of the best welder generator machines that you can ever go for.

First, it has an electric starter. Therefore, you won’t have to struggle with recoil starters that can, at times, get frustrating.

This engine-driven welder generator has a rugged design that happens to be the best for versatility and durability.

The tank has a capacity of 12 gallons (45.4 liters). Specifically, this is enough to run for up to 14 hours making the machine incredibly power efficient.

Also, the device has amperage that ranges from 40 to 250A. Actually, the Bobcat 250 machine has a duty cycle of 60% at the highest amperage on AC. On the other hand, the device has a duty cycle of 100% on DC.

The machine happens to be one of the steadiest in terms of power. On average, it has a stable auxiliary power of 9500 and a max of 11,000W auxiliary power.

The machine is notably excellent for stick and flux-cored welding and ideal even for industrial use since it can withstand severe weather conditions.


  • The engine is powerful and fuel-efficient
  • Has AC and DC output
  • One full tank can run for 14 hours
  • Has high duty cycles even at high amperage
  • The machine supports most processes


  • Doesn’t come with essential accessories
  • The price is a bit high

2. Lincoln Ranger 250 GXT – Best Engine Driven Welder

The Lincoln Ranger 250GXT is a leading product among others that are in its category. The machine happens to be among the most versatile machines that are available in the market today.

First, it is good to note that it features both DC and AC outputs, and it is ideal for thin sheets of metal, magnetized metals, and aluminum as well.

Also, this device has an amperage range that ranges from 50A-250A. Therefore, be assured that when you choose this unit, it will meet all your power requirements. The device has a 100% duty cycle for both Ac and DC outputs. This makes it versatile and efficient

At the same time, the device has a steady auxiliary power of 10000W and a peak of 11000W.

In addition, it is worthwhile noting that the Lincoln Ranger 250GXT supports processes like MIG, stick, and MIG.

Without a doubt, the device is bound to retain its value over a long period in use.

According to reviews from previous buyers, this device is a powerful fuel-efficient unit. The downside they noted is that it lacks a tube frame. All the same, the positive side of it is that the enclosed design provides optimal protection to the components of the machine.


  • It has DC and AC outputs
  • The machine has a 100% duty cycle for both AC and DC
  • Supports all welding processes
  • Has a high steady power rating of 10000 Watts
  • High amperage is ideal for thick metals
  • The casing provides adequate protection to the components


  • The machine lacks a tube frame

3. HOBART Champion 145 – Best 4000 Watt Generator

Here comes another excellent welder generator you can choose for your regular activities. Actually, it is sturdy enough and gives you professional results.  

Actually, the10-horsepower engine produces 4000 watts of AC power for welding magnetic metals. In addition, it also provides DC power.

The Hobart Champion has an amperage range from 40A-145A, which allows you to fine-tune your duty cycle and weld.

All the same, it is prudent to mention that the machine only supports stick welding. Unfortunately, this could be a limiting factor in how you can use this device.

Actually, according to reviews from previous buyers’ reviews, the machine produces a steady arc. Also, the welder generator happens to be one of the most reliable and long-lasting.

The device only weighs and 222 pounds (100.70 Kg). Actually, compare with other heavy types, the Hobart Champion happens to be the best welder generator for general repairs and maintenance tasks.

The 6.25 gal tan holds enough fuel that is enough to run for long. Notably, the device is power efficient.


  • It is easy to set up and use
  • Ideal for light welding tasks
  • The machine has running gear for portability
  • The device is durable
  • The price is relatively low
  • Delivers up to 145A of power


  • The machine isn’t ideal for industrial use
  • Only supports stick process welding

4. Lincoln Electric Ranger 225 – Best Multi-Process Welder Generator

The Lincoln Electric Ranger 225 welder generator happens to be one of the best machines that can handle various welding modes.

First, the device has an enormous continuous power of 9000 watts. Also, the generator reaches a peak of 10,500 watts. Actually, what would say of a four-stroke 2-cylinder engine that is 23 HP? If anything, this is a beast.

Welder generator has a 100% duty cycle at 210Amps and 25V.

In addition, it supports flux-core, MIG, and TIG welding processes. Also, the machine comes with optional apparatus.

So, if you need a reliable tool for your activities around the farm or commercial purposes, then this device is, without a doubt, one of the best welder generator machines you can rely upon. The power, versatility, ease of use, and durability of this machine are irresistible.

For safety, the device features a completely enclosed casing that has 3 service doors. This keeps the engine entirely protected yet easy to access for service and maintenance.

The machine also features a 12 gal (45.425 liters) capacity tank that is large enough to run for long durations.

Indeed, the machine is ideal even for industrial tasks. Apart from producing AC, the device also creates a smooth DC that is fit for running tools, light, and other light duties.


  • The machine is fuel-efficient
  • The casing protects adequately protects the components
  • Comes with the necessary equipment
  • Comes with multiple processes
  • It is a tremendous industrial investment
  • Produces both AC and DC


  • Doesn’t have a tube frame for secure handling
  • The device is a bit costly

5. Westinghouse WGen7500 – Best Welder Generator To Power A House

Everything has been going auto of late. This device has come following the same trend in that it features a remote electric start key. As such, the machine stands out as an innovation that allows you to start the device from up to 109 yards conveniently.

In addition, the generator also features a push-button starter. Since the device has an onboard battery, bringing it to life is hassle-free. Also, the built-in battery charger ensures that the battery lasts for long. For an additional advantage, the machine also has a recoil starter in case the electric keys unexpectedly fail.

Notably, this device has a 6.6 gallon (25 liters) fuel tank that can run for up to 18 hours. Therefore, if you have a need machine that will hold up overnight or for a whole day, you can choose the Westinghouse generator. The engine produces a steady 7500 Watts of power and has a peak of 9500 Watts.

Precisely, this machine is ideal for domestic use. For example, it has a transfer switch that allows you to connect the generator to your house. In that case, it happens to be one of the easiest generators you can ever get in the market. Without a doubt, the machine is quite easy to use and maintain.

The four-stroke engine feature a cast iron sleeve that is long-lasting has an automatic low oil shutdown. Also, it comes with a digital hour meter to help you in the maintenance of the machine.


  • The machine is easy to operate and maintain
  • It has multiple ways of starting the engine
  • The generator is ideal for general domestic use
  • It is easy to connect to the house through a transfer switch
  • Has a digital hour meter
  • Automatically switches of off on low battery


  • Not strong enough for industrial use

6. Lincoln Bulldog 5500 – Best Gasoline Generator

The Bulldog 5500 welder generator runs on a gasoline-powered engine. The engine produces 4000 Watts of continuous AC power with a peak range of 5500 Watts. Also, the machine has an Amperege ranging from 70A up to 140A

In addition, the Lincoln Bulldog 5500 has several benefits.

First, the device is fuel-efficient. So, one full tank whose capacity is 1-9 gallons takes long enough such that it gives you time to finish your activities. In essence, the device is actually great for small projects at home or on the farm.

For better mobility, the generator has a lightweight 1 ¼” tubular frame. This allows you to easily move the device efficiently to any corner you would like to work from within your property.

Also, the machine happens to be easy to use. Actually, previous users are in the record as having noted how sturdy the machine is and how easy it is to use it.

The only shortcoming is with the machine that can only be used for stick welding. Precisely, the machine is ideal for welding with stick electrode of up to 1/8″.


  • The machine is of high quality and durable
  • It is easy to use and maintain
  • The machine is fuel-efficient
  • It is Light weight and easy to move around
  • Ideal for use at home or on the farm


  • Can only support stick welding
  • Not suitable for industrial use

7. Lincoln Electric Ranger 305 G – Best Welder Generator Combo

Here is another welder generator combo from Lincoln Electric. First, it features a powerful engine that runs multiple welding processes like TIG, dual shield welding, and MIG.

For constant and accurate arc, the machine also features Lincoln’s Copper technology. The device can also help power equipment and lights.

Also, the machine’s skewed rotor design produces AC power that is suitable for Lincoln inverter power sources.

The device also features Lincoln’s Chopper technology that makes the machine easy to start, and it produces a smooth and reliable arc.

Most importantly, the 305 G machine delivers a reliable AC and DC output to help weld thin sheets of metal, aluminum, and magnetized metals as well. The 23 HP engine is strong enough to produce energy for welding as well as other industrial equipment.

Actually, the machine has outstanding amperage that goes up to 300A. Indeed, this makes the machine ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

The machine has an enclosed design that offers optimal protection to the components against the elements. Unfortunately, carrying the device around isn’t easy since it lacks a tube frame that would held in moving it around.


  • It has supports several welding processes
  • It features a high-performance gasoline engine
  • Produces AC and DC that is adequate for welding
  • The heavy-duty machine is ideal for industrial use
  • The combo is reliable and long-lasting


  • Doesn’t have a tubular frame for easy handling
  • It comes at a relatively high price

8. Lifan Pro Series WeldPro AXQ1-200a Welder Combo

Here comes another of the best welder generator devices you can ever get for farm or site use. First, it has a tubular frame that makes it protects the device for durability. The framework also helps when you want to lift the machine.

The 15hp OHV gas engine is of an industrial-grade since it features a 100% coiled copper alternator that has a 50% duty cycle.

Also, the welder has an adjustable power from 50smp to 200amp. On top of this, the machine features a generator that produces a power of up to120 volts, 4000 watts. Consequently, the amount of current allows you to use welding rods of up to 3/16”.

For ease when moving the machine around the farm or job site, the device comes with two never-flat tires.

Notably, the welder/generator comes with 1 year warranty for commercial use or 3 years for domestic purposes. 

In addition, you can comfortably use the generator as a power backup when the need arises. The best thing is that the machine is also excellent and easy to use by beginners.


  • The generator produces plentiful DC power
  • It is easy to lift and to move
  • The machine is fuel-efficient
  • Its engine runs quietly
  • The device can be used as a power back up


  • Only suitable for DC arc welding
  • Comes with only 1 years warranty for commercial use

Factor To Consider When Purchasing A Welder Generator

Every time people go out shopping for different gadgets, they always hope to get the best in terms of price and quality. All the same, you can never get these things without doing your research well.

Fortunately, here are some tips to guide you on what you need to look for in a welder generator combo.

Define The Purpose

First, the critical thing you should think about is the purpose for which you need the machine. No matter how good the machine you buy is, it can be useless if it doesn’t meet your needs.

There are different sizes of welder generators with varying amounts of load capacity. For heavy duties, you need to have a big machine. Consequently, a smaller device would be ideal for light tasks.

Fuel Efficiency

The next item you need to look at is fuel consumption.

Notably, most welder generators run on petrol or diesel. For heavy-duty generators, they feature diesel engines while the smaller ones run on gasoline.

Of late, machines running on propane have also become popular. All the same, propane is one of the most expensive fuels. Also, it’s one of the cleanest fuels since safe for areas that are poorly ventilated.

Consider Portability

Also, you need to consider how portable the machine is. In case you have multiple remote projects, you need a device that is easy to move around. The bigger the generator, the heavier it will be.

In case you need a powerful machine, it will, without a doubt, be relatively heavy. Therefore, to haul it to different locations, you need to mount it on a truck.

For light jobs, you need a smaller generator that also will be lighter in weight.

Consider The Type Of Current Produced

Then, you need to consider whether the machine produces an AC or DC type of power. The two types of current are different, and so are their uses. Generally, DC machines are more affordable compared to AC welder generators. 

On the other hand, the AC welder generators are more versatile compared to the DC type. When welding magnetized materials, the AC arc isn’t affected by magnetism.

Machines Duty Cycle

Technically, a welder generator’s duty cycle is an indication of how long you can run the welder nonstop at given amperage in 10-minute.

For example, if your machine has a duty cycle of 30% at 200 Amperes, then you need to rest it for about 7 minutes after continuously welding for 3 minutes.

The lower the amperage, the longer you can weld without a need to rest.

Noise Levels

Most machines, mainly the engine-driven ones, are usually loud. So depending on the location you intend to use the welder generator, the amount of noise produced can be an issue.

For example, if you live in an apartment where you intend to use the machine, you need a device that will have a low noise level.

Actually, if you will be working near other homes, then you need a machine whose noise levels aren’t beyond 90dB.

 For remote areas like on the farm, there are few chances that your device will disturb neighbors. So, there is no need for compromising on power output by trying to maintain noise levels at 90dB.

Consider Your Budget

Naturally, the price of an item is a crucial factor when shopping. There are different brands out there in the market. Notably, all these brands come at different prices, even when the quality is almost the same.

All the same, if you consider welder generators from the same brand, the higher the power, the higher you expect the price to be.

This is true even when comparing across the brands; you will realize the same scenario. Therefore, as you plan to buy the best welder generator, it is all pegged on your budget.

Never Forget To Check The Warranty Cover

Naturally, the price of an item is a crucial factor when shopping. There are different brands out there in the market. Notably, all these brands come at different prices, even when the quality is almost the same.

All the same, if you consider welder generators from the same brand, the higher the power, the higher you expect the price to be.

This is true even when comparing across the brands; you will realize the same scenario. Therefore, as you plan to buy the best welder generator, it is all pegged on your budget.

Final Take

Finally, after having come this far, it is clear now that you know what the best welder generator machine features.

There are so many offers in the market that, at times, you may fail to make the correct decision if you don’t have any prior knowledge. Therefore, considering the factors that determine what kind of machine is ideal for you in this article, the buying process should be easy. For more updates Stay with us on welderit.com.


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