7 Best Hobart Welding Helmet Reviews & Buying Guide

Almost every Hobart welding helmet review praises Hobart as a company. In fact, it isn’t a stranger to welders everywhere. Known as a manufacturer of quality welding products, it also has welding helmets in its supply.

What’s interesting is that you may find different types of models. Some are meant for more experienced welders whereas some for beginners or recent graduates. Users get great value for the price when purchasing. In the past, the style wasn’t the strongest asset when it came to the company’s helmets. However, that slowly changes with the introduction of models in fun colors and patterns. Safety is also a common capability in all the models. Users can find LCD technology, automatic darkening features and similar. Their aim is to shield the eyes from negative external sources.

Now it’s finally time to take a look at the seven best hobart welding helmets!

7 Hobart Welding Helmet Reviews

Many welders are familiar with the Hobart brand. It stands behind a lot of welding supplies. And recently the company has done a great job with its welding helmets, too. Mainly, it utilizes the auto-darkening technology. This helps the welders stay protected by keeping the flashes and rays away. For this reason, most of the premium models have this technology.

However, the beginners and those that want cheaper models can purchase the basic welding helmets. These incorporate simpler technology and fewer features. Nonetheless, they are still helpful and safe. This leaves the choice to your preferences and budget.

In the following paragraphs, though, we’ll try to make the choice easier for you. After going over people’s reviews and experiences, we’ll present the findings. We’ll explore the top Hobart models with their features and specifications. Also, we’ll go over some pros and cons. So, let’s go!

1. Hobart 770758

No matter if people weld as a hobby or professionally, they can get this model. Hobart 770758 consists of similar features as the more professional models. At first glance, the Patriot III graphic is what captures the attention of buyers. It compliments the entire design and the auto-darkening lens.

As it’s made of polyamide, this helmet is lightweight. Yet, this material makes it strong and durable. The style is mixed with usefulness. Moreover, this model has the newest LCD technology for the lenses. The premium eye-protection only accompanies it.

For an increased detection of arcs, it has three sensors. Due to them, welders can use the helmets securely. As for the viewing area, it’s wider than many other models. This is to allow you to see more details while welding. Then, there are the multiple shade settings for using the helmet in situations with low light.

Finally, as a con, people include the lack of more buttons. It has only the off button that should be pressed for grinding.

More precise specifications and features about Hobart 770758 Impact Variable Auto Dark Helmet:

 Reaction time: 1/25000 seconds
 Viewing area: 7.05 square inches
 Shades from #8 to #13
 Sensitivity control
 Replaceable battery
 Weight: 0.16 ounces
 Grind mode
 Durable and lightweight
 2 years limited warranty

2. Hobart 770508 Value Pack Helmet Kit

This may not be the best helmet on the market. It’s a fact. But Hobart 770508 comes together with more tools. And this makes it worthy to be included in this list. As soon as people get their certificate, they want to get a full welding gear. With this kit, Hobart satisfies this need.

For starters, the welding helmet is standard. This means that it doesn’t have an auto-darkening option. Instead, there is a knob. It serves for lifting the helmet even with gloves. Also, there is a small viewing area, which can be lifted, as well. Thanks to this, you can view your progress clearly.

Alongside the welding helmet, you receive gloves, a reversible cap, and lenses that can be replaced. The cap can be worn beneath the helmet for extra protection of your head. As for the gloves, they are relatively large and adjust to the form of people’s hands. It should be noted that the kit fits professional adults as well as students and beginners.

Some more specifications and features about Hobart 770508 can be read here:

 Shade of lenses: #10
 Weight: 3.2 pounds
 High-temperature tolerance
 Viewing area on the front
 Protective cover lens

3. Hobart 770756

What stands out about Hobart 770756 is its ability to withstand impact. While people are welding, a lot of things can fall on their heads or they may slip and injure themselves. This is especially possible at active sites. Therefore, Hobart 770756 is made to withstand some of those possible falls.

Mainly, the strong design is responsible for this. Hobart included the durable polyamide in the shell. Connected to this, the design is dark and solid. To enhance its appearance, it has the orange look on the top. This looks nice on all the black.

Depending on the lighting, it has a sensitivity control feature. With it, you can adjust the amount of sensitivity of the helmet. Yet, because the three sensors detect the arcs, you are kept from controlling the lenses. As for the model’s power, it consists of a lithium-ion battery. When the battery stops operating it can be easily removed.

To make sure you understand all features and use them properly, the manufacturer gives the buyers a manual. Aside from this, in the box, you get extra comfortable headgear and protective lenses.

However, consider that there are cons like the inability to use corrective lenses if your glasses are big. The issue here appears because the mask wouldn’t be able to flip down. 

Here are some other details and specifications about Hobart 770756 Impact Variable Auto Dark Helmet:

 Grind mode
 Viewing area: 7.05 square inches
 Reaction time: 1/25000 seconds
 Delay control: between 0.1 and 1 seconds
 Weight: 2.3 pounds

4. Hobart 770746

When compared to other models, Hobart 770746 performs way better on active sites. Among all the hassle, it incorporates sensors that can act on arcs faster than any human. Moreover, these two sensors keep the welders safe from infrared and ultraviolet flashes. Before the work starts, you can view through the LCD lenses, which are solar-powered. But as soon as the sensors pick up an arc, the view darkens automatically. For grinding, the helmet can operate with MIG and TIG. Related to this, it has a special mode for grinding applications.

Another notable feature is the viewing area. It’s relatively wide and spreads 6.8 square inches above the lens. It enriches the overall lightweight and durable design. The polyamide is the main reason why this helmet is comfortable to wear. Even if they work longer hours, welders won’t feel pressure or unease. To give power to the auto-darkening feature, Hobart incorporated a lithium battery. It’s designed to last longer.

Before buying, have in mind that there are some downsides. One of them is that this model is a bit slower than the rest. Yet it’s not so bad if you consider the cheaper models. 

More features and specifications are as follows:

 Reaction time: 1/12000 seconds
 Weight: 18 ounces
 Grind mode
 Shade #9 to #13

5. Hobart 770753

This is a helmet aimed at industrial use. However, it can be utilized personally, as well. What really stands out is its design. Moreover, it can be easily adjusted with a knob so that it fits your head. At the same time, it’s flexible with sticks, and TIG and MIG welding applications.

While wearing it, you can weld in the range of 5-10 amp. To help you do this effectively there are two lithium batteries that power it. As for the viewing area, it dims fast. Additionally, Hobart 770753 pro welding helmet has a reaction time 1/30000 seconds, so this can be expected.

Aside from this, there are some issues to have in mind. Firstly, since the headgear is made of plastic, you should be careful with it. This is because there may be some adjustment troubles. As a result, the teeth may bend over, making the helmet harder to wear. Connected to this, among the top con people consider the helmet’s weight. It weighs 3 pounds, which for some people can be too much. Therefore, they can’t have it on for a long time.

More specifications about Hobart 770753 Pro Welding Helmet:

 Grind mode
 Sensitivity controls
 Warranty: 2 years limited
 Delay control between 0.1 and 1 second
 Viewing area: 9.02 square inches

6. Hobart 770754

Hobart 770754 is an affordable basic model. Beginners, students, and homeowners will benefit from it the most. This is because it consumes more power for a shorter time. Therefore, it can’t last on longer projects. However, in return for this, you get variable shades 8-13. Together with the wide viewing area of 7 inches, they enable an effective welding experience.

When compared to other models, Hobart 770754 is a truly lightweight one. The thin plastics embedded in the design makes this possible. Also, there is an orange graphic with black details all over the helmet. This makes it appear stylish. The same as the other helmets in the Impact series, this one has LCD lens technology. It gives extra protection to your eyes.

Some other notable specifications and features about Hobart 770754:

 3 arc sensors
 Weight: 20.3 ounces
 Made of polyamide, which is durable
 Reaction time: 1/25000 seconds
 Variable shades from #8 to #13
 Viewing area: 7.05 square inches
 Auto on and off
 1 replaceable lithium battery

7. Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet

If you use the helmet for short tasks and from time to time, you don’t need expensive helmets. That’s why Hobart produced Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet. It has all the essentials and keeps your face and eyes from harm. As the name suggests, its front flips up and down. So, you can easily remove it when your welding work is done.

It should be noted that the viewing area is a bit smaller than the other helmets. It’s 4.5 inches by 2 inches. This doesn’t really make it suitable for professional use. Yet this is an adjustable model. Therefore, you can ensure it fits your head and sits around it comfortably. And there are as much as ten variable shades. As a downside, we’ll mention the lack of auto-darkening.

To give you a deeper insight into it, here are some additional details about Hobart 770286 Flip Front Welding Helmet:

ANSI certification that makes it safe for usage
 Weight: 15.2 ounces
 Adjustable fit
 Dimensions: 14.2×12.6×9.5 inches

Buying Guide

Automatic Darkening

It goes without saying that most of the recent models have an automatic darkening feature. That differs from the traditional welding helmets. While using the latter ones, the color of the visuals the welders see remain the same. The automatic darkening darkens the screen when the process begins.

This feature protects the eyes from ultraviolet as well as infrared rays. What’s more, helmets with this feature support continuous welding. By flipping the helmet up and down, neck stress is reduced. That’s why the auto-darkening mode is a very desirable characteristic.

Sensor Number

Welding helmet brands typically make their products with two, three or four sensors. The rule is that the more sensors you have, the larger view you’ll have. With more sensors, you also get chance for a better control over the whole welding job.

If you only start to swim in the welding waters, a two-sensor helmet sounds like a great solution. Hobbyists can benefit from it, too. Three sensors are suitable for basic and elementary production tasks. On the other hand, four sensors are aimed to be used in more complex jobs. Some examples are general industrial purposes as well as heavy industries.

Types of Shade

There are only two types of shade. One is fixed shade and the other is variable shade. And which one you should use depends on the job, the process, and the materials. Further, if the task is monotone and deals with the same welding process and materials, the fixed shade is preferred. On the other hand, welders sometimes have to change the thickness or texture of the material. Oftentimes, the whole process should be changed. In these situations, a variable lens is more suitable.


Weight is important especially in the case of professional welders. Moreover, if you weld for a longer period, you should look for a helmet that’s lightweight. Lightweight welding helmets reduce the pressure on the neck and on the whole head.

But it should be noted that recent technology is added constantly in helmets. That makes them heavier. Nevertheless, strive to find the lightest possible model that at the same time has all the other needed features.

Reaction Time of Lens or Delay

This feature refers to the time the helmet takes to switch from light to dark. It’s quite important for the efficiency of the job as well as the welders’ protection. It influences the whole comfort, too.

Naturally, it’s best to search for models with a short reaction time. In quality models, this time is usually measured in milliseconds. So, a lower number means that the transition is faster.


It’s desirable to have a warranty period of two or three years. And this period can be found in most manufacturers even though it may vary from one to another. That’s because longer periods inspire a sense of security in the buyer.

During the two or three years, the brand is responsible for any flaws or problems the product might have.

A Final Word

All things considered, Hobart is a manufacturer of high-quality welding helmets and supplies. Its models are very present on the market. Mainly, they incorporate the auto-darkening feature. But there are other very useful details, as well. We hope in this guide, we managed to present the top ones. After all the pros and cons, it should become easier for you to choose the right welding helmet for you. No matter if you’re a beginner or a professional welder, you should be able to find a model that matches your budget and your criteria. Of course, nothing is ideal. The strengths of one helmet may be the weaknesses of another. What’s important is to reach the middle ground and make compromises. After all, you’ll wear the helmet while welding. Therefore, you know what exactly you need it to incorporate. Some people can stand a great weight while others can only wear lightweight helmets. In general, you should focus on the protection of your eyes and face. In the end, that’s the main reason why you purchase the best welding helmet. Very serious consequences can come out of welding without protection. So, good luck and happy shopping!

Now we want to hear your opinions and experiences with this. Have you owned a Hobart welding helmet? Or are you purchasing one for the first time? Share the details with us here. We would like to hear you out. Enjoy reading and stay connect with Welderit for more information.


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