Millermatic 252 Review – The Best For Complex And Heavy-duty Industrial Tasks

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In this Millermatic 252 review, we shall discuss in details all the features that make this machine to stand out from the rest. If you are searching for the best welder for heavy industrial tasks, Millermatic 252 will be the best choice. The machine is very versatile and powerful since it is able to provide up to 300A output amperage. This means that as compared to other welders, it has the highest output. If you are searching for a top quality machine that you can use to perform any MIG and stick welding tasks, this unit will be the best choice.

Detailed Millermatic 252 Review And Breakdown


Dimensions : 40 x 19 x30 Inches
Weight : 237 pounds
Manufacturer : Miller Electric
Welded materials : Steel, stainless steel and aluminum
Welding processes : MIG and Flux core welding
Current support : DC Arc
Circuit volt : Maximum 38V
Portability : Wheeled mounted portability
Duty cycle : 60% at 200 A
Input voltage : 230V
Certification : CSA Certified
Output Amperage : 30-300A

Millermatic 252 Features

Welding Applications

The most outstanding thing about this machine is that it is a multipurpose MIG welder. This means that you can highly rely on it for all welding tasks such as farm welding, industrial repairs, maintenance tasks, metal fabrication or any other task. It is not very easy to carry but you can use the Miller Electric Running Gear/Cart 4 in H X 17-3/4 in when you want to move it to different places.

Metal Thickness

Another outstanding thing about this machine is that it is supported for both MIG and flux core input voltage. It is also able to weld 22 gauge up to ½-inch metals for farm, repairs, maintenance and metal fabrication tasks. It also has a high duty cycle of 60% at 200A.

Long Cable

The unit also comes with a 15 ft M-25 gun. This means that you don’t need to work near the machine. It also allows you to work with larger materials without repositioning the machine.

Ease Of Use

This machine has a great design which makes it easy to use even for first time users. It also comes with a chart which you can refer in case you get stuck. A flip-down compartment is also included where you can store different items.

Push And Pull Direct Connector

This feature allows you to control the wire feed speed when using a spool gun. The spool gun operates at 15-30 amps.

Wire Drive

The Millematic 252 features a reversible wire drive rolls with a range of 0.030-0.035 inches. It also supports a wire size of 0.023-0.045 inches when welding mild steel or 0.030-0.045 inches for flux core welding tasks. Also note that it comes with a factory installed gas solenoid which means that you do not need to buy an extra one.

Power Range

Another important thing you need to note is that the machine provides an output power range of 30-300 amps. It also works with an input voltage of 200-230 and has an output rating of 200 amps at 28V from direct current.


This machine also comes with the following accessories;

  • 10 feet power cord & plug
  • 15ft, 250 amp MIG gun for 0.30/0.032inches wire
  • 10 feet ground cable
  • Factory installed gears with EZ change singe low cylinder
  • Extra contact tips
  • Argon mix regulator
  • Flow gauge and hose
  • User manual
Millermatic 252 review

Who Should Buy The Millermatic 252?

This machine is very powerful and a great choice for thick materials. Again, it is the best for anyone searching for a top quality machine for heavy duty and complex industrial tasks. You will also find that it has a high output amperage plus a high duty cycle than other welders.

Additionally, it comes with a 3 years true blue warranty. You can use it to weld steel, stainless steel and aluminum. However, note that it is heavier than other models which means that it is not easy to carry. You can use Millermatic 252 for;

  • Industrial metal fabrication tasks
  • Large industrial tasks
  • Home improvement projects
  • Ranch and farm modification
  • Metal are and sculpture tasks
  • General metal fabrication
  • Auto body ,bike and car part repairs among other duties

Miller 252 Vs Hobart Ironman 230 - Which One Is Better?

Making a decision on which machine to buy between Miller 252 and Hobart Ironman 230 can be a tough decision. These machines are among the most powerful machines on the market but their performance varies.

For example, Hobart Ironman 230 is the best for those who are searching for a heavy-duty welding machine for home use. However, you need to change the setup so that the machine can be compatible with the current electric supply.

On the other hand, Miller 252 is the best for those who needs a heavy duty machine for large companies or industrial tasks. The good thing about it is that it allows you to create different welds within a very short time because it is very powerful.

In terms of price, the two machines are a bit costly but they provide unmatched performance as compared to others on the market.

Millermatic Electric Welders - Overview

Miller Electric is one of the largest companies that manufacture cutting equipments and arc welding machines. The company is based in Appleton, Wisconsin and it is also manufactures quality welding accessories such as helmets, welding carts, machine covers and other items. This company was started in 1929 by Niels Miller. The first machine from this company was a small arc welder which was only compatible with electrical supplies in Winsconsin. This machine was more lightweight than the DC rotary machines which were already in use. The first machine was made from recycled scrap steel. In 1935, it incorporated the Miller Electric Mfg. Co.

Later in 1971, this company developed the Millermatic which combined the power source and wire feed of the previous models. After the death of the company’s heir which happened in 1993, this company was acquired by Illinois Tool Works[ ITW]. The company is a multinational company that is based in Chicago.

Today Miller MIG welders are among the most preferred by professionals. As compared to other models, these welders provide incredible results when welding. They also work perfectly with different metals. However, some Millermatic welders such as the Millermatic 252 are more powerful than others.


Key Things To Check When Buying A MIG Welder For Heavy-duty Tasks

If you are searching for the best welder for heavy-duty tasks, you need to check the following;

Power – There is no doubt that you will need a powerful welding machine if you will be using it for heavy-duty tasks. You need to check the material thickness your machine can weld. Millermatic 252 is able to weld thick and very strong metals unlike other cheap welders.

Duty cycle – The machine should have a long duty cycle to allow you to work for more time. You should always look for a machine with the highest percentage. For example, Millermatic 252 has a duty cycle of 60% at 200A.

Safety – Welding is very risky and if you are not well protected, you can greatly be affected. To be on the safe side, you always need to wear top quality safety gears every time you are welding. Some of the most important gears you must have include a helmet, gloves and apron. However, you should not be tempted to pick any and this means you should pick the best.

Welding gloves – If you are searching for the best welding gloves, you should pick those that are resistant to heat. They should also be made of tough materials. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves Heat/Fire Resistant and Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Gloves K2979-ALL are among the best.

Apron – You also need a quality welding apron such as the Leaseek Leather Welding Work Apron-Heat Resistant & Flame Resistant.

Welding helmet – The light produced when welding is very dangerous to your eyes. This means that you must always have a quality-welding helmet such as the Yeswelder Anti Fog up True Color Solar Powered Auto Darkening Welding Helmet with Side View.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum thickness that the machine can weld?

Answer: This machine is able to weld metals with a thickness of up to ½ inch with just a single pass.

Does the machine come with a gas hose?

Answer: Yes

Our Final Verdict

If you are searching for a welding machine you can use to weld very thick and strong materials, Millermatic 252 will be the best choice. The machine is among the most powerful options on the market. As a result, it is suitable for complex and heavy-duty industrial projects. Its quality, accessories and features are unmatched in the industry and this explains why it is a bit pricey. With no doubt, it is a worthy machine for professionals and serious welders.

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