Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review

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MIG welding is the most popular type of welding because it is very easy to learn. Apart from that, it requires less clean ups as compared to other welding processes. As a result, a MIG welder is one of the most vital tools you should have. One of the major benefits of MIG welders is that they are very easy to use and set up. You can also use them in a wide variety of projects such as autobody work, small home repairs, maintenance among others. We have compiled a comprehensive Lincoln 180 MIG Welder review for those searching for a top quality MIG welding machine. Why is this machine so unique? Learn more about it below.

Comprehensive Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review


Processes : MIG and flux core welding

Dimensions : 14 x 18.6 x 10.15 Inches

Weight : 33kg

Amperage : 30-180A

Type of current : DC

Compatible materials :  Stainless steel, aluminum, steel

Wire feeding speed : 50- 500IPM

Input Voltage : 208/230 volts

Why Should You Purchase Lincoln 180 MIG Welder?

Before you invest your money on any welding machine, you need to be sure that it has all the important features you need. Lincoln 180 MIG is among the most efficient and powerful welders on the market. Whether you are searching for a unit you can use in your farm or in a fabrication shop, this machine will be great. It is a heavy machine which can handle most of challenging welding tasks when using the 230 V power output. Through the 230 V output, it can also weld thick materials.

Apart from being a great option for professionals, this unit is also suitable for starters. It comes with 2 knobs that makes it easy to set up. You will also get a detailed user guide and DVD which takes you through on how it functions.   If you are searching for a quality machine for heavy-duty tasks but you cannot afford the expensive models, Lincoln MIG 180 will be the most suitable choice.


Lincoln 180 MIG Welder Review

Easy To Set Controls

In terms of usage, this machine is super easy to use. It features only two knobs which you are so used to turn to start welding. These knobs are well labeled for easier use. You can also use them to adjust the machine according to the material you are intending to use.

Easy To Read Manual

Even if you have never used a MIG welder before, you won’t have any issues when using this unit. You will find that it has a very easy to follow user manual which makes it great for everyone.  It also comes with an instructional DVD which will take you through on how the machine works.

Heavy Duty Tasks

One of the major aspects that sets this machine apart from the rest is its ability to handle heavy-duty tasks.  Using the 230 volts, you can do any type of work even on thick materials. Again, the arc that comes from this unit is very forgiving. It usually starts with a small splatter then increases to handle thicker metals.  Due to its dual voltage capabilities, you can use it for a wide variety of tasks.


In terms of performance, you will be pleased to note that this machine is very powerful. Unlike others, it can handle a 4.8 mm metal sheet with just a single pass. This applies even when you are welding steel.

Wire Drive

Another excellent feature you will find in this unit is the heavy-duty wire drive which is fully adjustable.  This helps to minimizes chances of the wire being crushed when welding.  Again, it prevents the wire from getting tangled when you are working.

Diamond Core Technology

This feature provides a more forgiving arc. In short, it enables the machine to provide a very stable arc when welding.

Dual Voltage

Lincoln MIG 180 can also run smoothly on both 230V and 208 volts. This is a very important feature because it makes the machine to be very versatile. Again, it allows you to pick the best-input power according to the project you are handling. The machine also provides 30-180 amps output range.

Welds Different Metals

The other benefit of having this machine is that you can use it to weld different metals. For example, you can use it to weld steel from ¼ inch thick up to 1 inch thick without any problems. Again, it allows you to weld 24-gauge sheet metal which is as thick as 3/16 inches. You can also use it to weld the following;

  • Rough metals
  • Dirty metals or those that have some corrosion or rust on them
  • Powder coated or painted metals
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper, cast galvanized metals, steel alloy etc.

Duty Cycle

It is also important to mention that this machine has a duty cycle rating of 130A by 20V @ 30%. This means that you can run it for 3 minutes in every 10 minutes. After that, you should leave it for 7 minutes to cool. To be on the safe side, you should weld at a lower setting than 130 amps. This will prevent it from overheating which means that you can even work for longer periods.


In terms of price, this machine is fairly priced which makes it a great option those searching for a versatile welder. Since it can run on a 230V outlet, the machine is powerful enough to handle light industrial tasks. Apart from light tasks, you can also use it for heavy industrial applications. You can also use it for home and farm repairs which means that it is very versatile.

Gear Box

The gearbox of this machine is made of cast aluminum to enhance durability. One of the major benefits of cast aluminum is that it is not only sturdy but it is also free from corrosion and rusting. Due to this material, the gearbox is very stable. Again, cast aluminum absorbs the noise produced by the machine when welding. This gearbox also makes the machine powerful, durable and quiet.


If you are searching for a machine you can use in different places, Lincoln MIG 180 will be great.  It weighs about 33kgs which means that it is not very heavy.


Another reason why you should look for this machine is that it comes with everything you would expect from a quality MIG welder. This means that you can use it immediately after you have removed it from the box. Some of the items included are;

  • Magnum 100L MIG gun plus a 10 cable assembly
  • Gas nozzle for MIG welding
  • Shielding gas apparatus
  • 52 inches gas hose
  • Work clamp which has a 3.0m cable
  • Spindle adapter suitable for 8 inch spools
  • 25 inch welding wire sample [ Standard MIG wire]
  • .35 inch welding wire [Flux core wire]
  • 6 mm contact tip
  • 9 mm contact tip’
  • DVD with instructions on how to weld

Who Should Use Lincoln MIG 180?

After going through the features, you might have realized that Lincoln MIG 180 is very versatile. This is because it is suitable for both professional and beginners. If you do a lot of welding tasks, this unit will be an excellent choice.  One of the major benefits you will enjoy when using it is the fact that it does not overheat since it has an inbuilt fan. As a result, you can use it throughout the day without issues.

When you compare it with other models, you will realize that it is equipped with better features which enables it to provide the best results when welding The sleek design and the combination of red and black colors gives it a stylish look. It also comes with sturdy handles that makes it easy to transport.

When it comes to penetration, this machine can weld any steel with a thickness of up to ½ inch. Again, the fully adjustable drive system prevents wire tangling.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Lincoln MIG 180 overheat?

Unlike other MIG welders, this machine features a powerful fan which prevents overheating.

  • Does the machine come with a warranty?

Yes, this machine is covered by a 3 years warranty

Final Words

Lincoln MIG 180 is a very powerful machine which means that it is suitable for experienced welders. On the other hand, it is very easy to use because it only has 2 knobs which allows you to set it up.. Again, it weighs 66 pounds which means that it lightweight and easy to carry.

If you have been searching for a heavy-duty MIG welder you can use in your farm or fabrication shop, you might need this unit. It is also great for hobbyists who deal with heavy metals.

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