How To Become A Welding Inspector – Tips For Success

Becoming a certified welding inspector is not an easy task. There are several qualifications that one must have for you to become a welding inspector. A CWI inspects the quality of welds and the safety of the public. They can work in manufacturing of automobiles, construction of buildings or the infrastructure.

In this article i will share you about how to become a welding inspector and what requirements do you need. So let’s check it….. 

What Are The Duties Of CWI’s?

Certified Welding Inspectors work in the manufacturing and most construction industries. Their core duties are:-

–  Ensuring that the required standards are followed.

– Ensuring safety regulations are adhered to.

– They ensure that the welding jobs in a construction comply with the regulations.

– Ensure that welding is carried out perfectly complying with the structure.

– They inspect all the equipments used in welding to see if they are in perfect working conditions.

– They are responsible for record keeping of inspections and compilation of reports.

– They inspect welds physically to see if they are strong and perfect for the project.

Why Should You Become A Welding Inspector?

The Pay

Certified welding inspector salary is a dream of many professionals. They earn from $40 to $75 per hour. The paycheck alone is enough reason for you to start the journey of becoming one.


The CWI receive many benefits apart from the salary. These benefits include health insurance and dental insurance.

Travel Experience

CWIs have a great chance of adventure while working. The travelling that comes with this profession gives you the chance to meet new people and tour the world. They get tips on how to diversify and add new skills through interaction with new people.


CWIs get the great opportunity to increase their skills and learn new skills. The CWI profession also encourages personal growth. If you want to enjoy stability and advancement in your welding career, consider applying for the CWI position.

Tips On How To Become A Welding Inspector

Before applying for the Certified Welding Inspector jobs, it’s important to know that you have to go though a Certified Welding Inspector School and complete the Certified Welding Inspector classes. Also note that having a working experience in the welding industry is very important.

For a person who has a high school diploma, he/she must have a minimum of five years working experience to be certified. An applicant who has a degree in welding engineering can be certified with just a year working experience.

For one to be certified as a welding inspector, there are exams that they should take and pass. This exam is structured so as to:

  • Know your understanding on welding fundamentals.
  • Asses your inspection methods
  • Using replicas made of plastic to test visual inspection exercise.

A visual test is also conducted on the applicant to determine if his vision is good and if he has color blindness issues or not.

CWI is a promising career as well as a great investment. For you to be qualified, you must be willing to spend a good amount on the education and experience fields.  

If you have a degree in welding engineering and a 1 yr work experience you can easily qualify for the CWI position. Your work experience should be welding based.

Levels Of Welding Inspectors

There are 3 levels of welding inspectors that you can advance to:

1. Certified Pipeline Welding Inspector

The Certified Pipeline Welding Inspectors are responsible for the inspection of piping systems. They examine damages and mistakes on the welds to prevent catastrophe. They use specialized electronic equipments to carry out the inspection exercise.

What Are The Requirements Of Certified Pipeline welding Inspector position?

  • A high school diploma.
  • A college degree in welding or related fields
  • A degree isn’t required
  • At least 2 years working experience in a welding industry.

2. Associate Welding Inspector

An Associate Welding inspector is not yet certified. For you to become one, you have to go a Certified Welding Inspector School and do an exam. Attaining a mark of 75% and above will help you get a degree of Associate Welding Inspector. Most companies are willing to offer you a job so that you can gain a working experience. Having an apprentice course is also one of the requirements for one to qualify.

3. Certified Welding Inspector

Before you get certified as a CWI a minimum work experience of 5 years and a pass of 3 tests is required. They also renew their certifications regularly.

Senior Welding Inspector: To get to this position, you must be willing to work as a CWI for at least 9 years. This position is prestigious because you only supervise the work of other inspectors.

If you have no welding certifications and you want to pursue this career, ensure that you have the basic welding certificate then take the exam of associate inspector.

Important Skills for CWI

Apart from the education and work experience, there are skills that are very important in this career. A certified Welding Inspector must posses the following skills:

  • Have good communication skills. This helps in coordinating his team, example the supervisors welders and managers.
  • Must be conversant with technology for proper paper work and documentation of record. He/she must be able to use computer software like Excel and PowerPoint for compilation reasons.
  • A welding inspector must be focused on the details of the welding job. The ability to see defects on welds is the main role of the inspector.
  • A welding Inspector must be organized. CWIs work on different projects at a time. It’s important to be organized to avoid confusion and poor time management.
  • Having a great understanding of the terms and vocabulary used in welding is very important. This will help an inspector communicate efficiently with the welders and supervisors without any miscommunication problems.


A certified welding inspector is as exposed as any other welder out there. They go out to the job sites to oversee the work done. You should be physically fit for you to be able to fit on that position. Having the tips above, you can comfortable pursue your dream of becoming a CWI.


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