Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review – Everything To Keep In Mind

Are you looking for a powerful MIG welder that doesn’t cost a fortune? If you answered ‘yes’, Hobart Handler 210 MVP is a welder that’s worth checking out.

As a brand, Hobart has worked in this field for more than a hundred years. And along the way, it has learned many secrets that are incorporated into its products even now. That’s why people often mention it among the top brands on the market when it comes to welders.

If you are interested in exploring more about this topic and about one of Hobart’s best-selling models that has many interesting features, then this Hobart Handler 210 MVP review is for you. Stay with us as we dive deeper into everything this welder has to offer, including the key components and options as well as detailed specifications, pros, and cons.

Hobart Handler 210 MVP Review – Detailed Specifications

Here are some more detailed specifications to keep in mind:

  • Power input: dual voltage between 115 and 230 volts
  • Weight: 79 pounds
  • Number of voltage settings: 7
  • Duty cycle: 20% at 90 amps and 30% at 150 amps
  • Length of power cord: 3 meters
  • Supported welding thickness: 3/8 inches
  • System for quick changes
  • Wire of 0.8 millimeters for self-shielding
  • Manual with instructions
  • Material: steel
  • Color: black and gray
  • Warranty: 5 years

What Makes Hobart Handler 210 MVP Special

It’s true that there are many welders on the market that are suitable for MIG welding and similar tasks. Even Hobart, itself, has many more products to offer. However, this model tends to be recognized as a bit more special than the rest. This is predominantly due to its premium characteristics that we will discuss below.


Although, it’s mainly used for heavy-duty jobs that require high performance, it isn’t tough to operate. Both beginners and professionals can find pleasure in the easily adjustable settings and the clear instructions that enable them to start the machine as soon as they unpack it.

The illustrations and guidelines contribute to this together with the simple design. As all options are easy to reach and understand, its usage is widely spread. So, people get it for tasks around their homes as well as professional work.

Operating Power

Another handy detail associated with this welder is its dual voltage. Moreover, its power input is 115 and 230 volts, giving users more freedom to plug it in different places without losing the efficiency. As a result, it represents a useful addition to various worksites and garages.

Its multi-voltage plug makes this possible, increasing the overall portability of the machine. Especially those that have bigger expertise in this matter have a special option to take advantage of the seven voltage positions and see which one works best for them. Thanks to this, they can be sure that their welding is precise, as well.


This is one of the top useful details associated with this product. It gives owners a chance to perform a variety of tasks and weld materials with different thicknesses. More precisely, it’s equipped with the right features to go through a material of 24 gauges. And it supports a thickness of 3/8 inches.

Thanks to the control of the speed of the wire, people can decide how fast they want to go. This leads to less spatter. Not to mention that the welder gives a satisfactory performance for auto body tasks, household work, construction, repairing a place, and even maintaining boats. It’s up to the potential buyers to see for which activities they need this machine.

Weight And Portability

The weight is something you should pay special attention to before buying. Unlike many of the other models, this welder is known to be a bit heavy. Understandably, this is due to the fact that it incorporates many premium features. For some users, this is a sacrifice that’s worth making. But for others, the inability to move it frequently around the place can be a downside.

Moreover, with its 79 pounds, the only way to make it a bit more portable is with the help of a cart with wheels. The good thing is that on the cart, you can also place the cables and the cylinder for gas so that you have them by your side all the time.

Extensive Warranty

Although this isn’t the first thing people think to look up, it’s very important. All sorts of damages can occur during the welding process, so people should know that they are covered. Also, the longer the warranty is, the more they can be convinced that the brand trusts the product to last longer. Even if there are flaws that happened when it was manufactured, with the warranty, the product can be fixed or replaced.

With this specific warranty of 5 years, you can be sure that Hobart’s machine can be utilized for many years in the future.

Durability And Design

Connected to the previous one, the quality of this welder is guaranteed by its tough design, as well. Moreover, it’s made of high-quality steel that can withstand many heavy-duty jobs, enabling users to take advantage of everything the machine has to offer for a long time.

Contents In The Package

It’s true that Hobart Handler 210 MVP comes with all parts necessary to complete the welding tasks efficiently. In the package, you’ll find a valve for gas, which is built-in, a wire for flux core welding, a cable with a clamp that’s 10 feet long together with a gas hose and regulator for the dual gauge.

However, to increase the precision further, it’s recommended to get a spool gun, as well. You can connect it to the welder and utilize it, especially while welding aluminum in order to make sure your work is done with the needed precision. Yet this isn’t something you must do. Of course, the machine will complete the tasks at hand without the spool gun, too.


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to utilize by everyone
  • Durable
  • Dual voltage
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Extensive warranty


  • Heavy
  • Lack of portability
  • Low duty cycle

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When people encounter themselves with something new, naturally, they have plenty of questions about the model as well as the process, what it does, and more. That’s why in this section we’ll shed a light on some dilemmas and provide answers to some frequently asked questions regarding the Hobart Handler 210 MVP welder.

Q: Where is this welder manufactured?

Answer: It’s made in the United States of America. Usually, this type of information is written on the front panel of the welder, too. To be more precise, Hobart makes it in Appleton in the state of Wisconsin.

Q: Is Hobart Handler 210 MVP a good welder for someone who doesn’t have much experience in welding?

Answer: Actually, there isn’t a concrete answer to this question. The short answer would be ‘yes’, and here’s why. The welder offers plenty of features that beginners can easily get to know and start using in their everyday welding tasks. Some newcomers to the welding industry make the mistake of buying models that cost a couple of hundred bucks. These welders don’t have the variety that the likes of Hobart’s Handler have. And they end up disappointed. So, going for a versatile model even if you should pay a bit more is worth it. It’s useful to have a more experienced individual by your side when you start using this to show you how to use the features to their fullest as well as some tips and tricks.

Q: What is the feed head made of?

Answer: The material it’s made of is metal. Some confuse the material to be plastic because it used to be plastic. But, the manufacturer changed the material into metal.

Q: How thick can the aluminum be so that I can successfully weld it with the Hobart Handler 210 MVP?

Answer: First of all, it should be clear that this welder can easily weld aluminum. This goes for even some denser aluminum objects. Thanks to the welder’s supported spool runner 100 spool gun, you can weld a maximum of 1/4 inches of aluminum.

Final Words

When it comes to welders, Hobart proves once again that it’s one of those companies that is known for quality welding products. And with the Handler 210 MVP, users get a heightened performance as well as more features that ensure a well-done and smooth welding process. Thanks to the high amps of power, people can practice some MIG welding techniques. Additionally, this enables them to weld even thicker materials and thus expand the range of the welder. Just another tip before we call it a day – if you’re new to this or haven’t used this welder before, it’s always useful to read and even carefully study the user manual. Also, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

So, what do you make of the Hobart Handler 210 MVP? Do you have some experience with welders or is this your first time looking for one? We’re eager to read your opinions on this!


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