9 Highest Paying Welding Jobs In The World

Welding is the process of joining two or more metal parts together. This is done by melting using a very high temperature and blowpipe. There are many types of welding. But there are 3 major types of welding. These are:- MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) and GMAW popularly known as Arc Welding.

Sometimes other tools can be used like hammering or even pressing the metals together.

9 Highest Paying Welding Jobs In The World

Welding jobs are now turning out to be interesting and well paying than most white color jobs in this era. Though many people fear the dangers of the job, some are reaping big out of welding. Most certified welders get employed immediately after their training. This is because of the raising demand of welders. Every industrial institution requires the services of welders.

Below are some of the highest paying welding jobs in the world:-

Under Water Welders – $54,000 – $290,000

These are also known as sub mariner welders. Under water welders are highly paid due to the high risks involved in their profession.

  Apart from the risks, the sub mariners enjoy travelling to different sites. They are highly compensated for the risks that come with their work. Most submariner income range between $54,000 – $290,000.

 Some of them work while fully or partially submerged in the water (wet welding).Wet welding is done using specialized welding rods to make the job easy for the welder.

There is also what is called hyperbaric welding or dry welding.  In dry welding, the welder and the welding materials are enclosed in a chamber and then submerged in the water.

The chamber is usually filled with helium and oxygen which assists the welder to carry out his task by forcing the water out.

 There are other essential skills required in this field. These include; diving and topside welding. A submariner is also required to have the knowledge of barometric pressure.

Industrial Pipeline Welders/ Pipeline Welders – $35,500 – $106,000

Pipeline welders are highly in demand all over the world. They play a major role in the industrial and infrastructure growth in the world.  Their pay lies within $35,500 – $106,000.

Pipeline welders are in high demand in the gas, oil, water industries and also in the infrastructure

 Mastering the art of welding is very important for the industrial pipeline welders. For a person to become a pipeline welder, he/she must have a welding certificate.

Military Welders – $150,000+

These are the most paid welders, however their job is risky than other welding jobs.  Military welders are always in high demand all over the world.

Luckily the military welders have tons of options. They choose between the risky and less risky assignments.

The military welders in the army mainly repair the vehicles and canteens. Sometimes they are required to repair and maintain the infrastructure.

Air force welders are highly skilled because of the complex nature of their work. To be an air force welder, one has to posses a distinct passion for the job.

 Their job entails designing the military aircraft, final fitting and fabricating the critical parts of the aircraft.

Navy military welders fabricate, repair and maintain the military ships. Navy military welders sometimes decide to enhance their skills to become underwater welders.  The military welders receive a salary of up to $150,000.

Aerospace Welder – $29,000 – $59,500

The aerospace welders mainly work on parts or equipments that are mainly used in space. These welders are the most skilled in the welding industry.

 Aerospace welding is different from other types of welding. This is because of the rules that must be followed.  The aerospace welders play a major role in structuring materials in airplanes.

In aerospace welding, a high welding specialization is required because of the usage of exotic materials. In order to attain a high pay in this field, one is required to adapt to new fabrication technologies.  

Aerospace welders don’t earn as much as other welders but the still earn have a good pay. They earn around $29,000 – $59,500.

Certified Welding Inspectors – $70,000+

This is a highly desired job by most welders in the welding industries. This is because of the huge pay and the responsibilities attached to it.

The Certified welding Inspectors generally conduct inspections on welds done by welders to thwart disastrous failures.

They perform tests using magnifiers on the materials used to check for cracks and strength of the material. The CWI’s also ensure that they check on other aspects of the job like documentation and the quality of materials.

They have to be very careful when conducting inspection. This is because if someone gets hurt as a result of a bad weld the Certified Welding Inspector is held responsible.

To become a Certified Welding Inspector, one must have:-

  • A Degree in Engineering Technology
  • Must have worked for more at least 6yrs as an industrial welder.

The pay of a CWI is more than $70,000.

Nuclear Industry Welders – $66,000+

Nuclear industry workers are rewarded handsomely for their work. They go through series of contineous tests before employment. These tests usually make it hard for one to get the job.

However, welders in the nuclear industry are the most advantaged welders. This is because they can easily find job in other welding industries.

 For one to become a nuclear industry welder, he/she must have an exhaustive knowledge in the Nuclear Industry. They also need to go through a thorough screening which is mandatory for them to be certified. Their pay can go up to $66,000.

The nuclear certified welders have a very dangerous job. They get exposed to strong chemicals like beta, alpha and gamma radiation.

They are also required to be continuously trained while in the employment to ensure efficiency. Flexibility and diving skills are very important in this welding job.

Certified Welding Supervisors – $55000 – $66000

A welding supervisor is a person who heads or oversees the welding process on behalf of a company.  They coordinate the services of the welders. This is done to ensure efficiency and safety of all the workers. 

Certified Welding Supervisors are responsible in making decisions of the welding techniques and the materials to be used in construction.

Their main task is to ensure that all the requirements of the welding assignment are met. Certified Welding Supervisor’s are also responsible for the budget making of the production.  

They conduct necessary inspection on the welders job. A certified welding supervisor has to go through training and also posses the following skills and qualifications:

  • Degree in Technical Certificate In Welding
  • Bachelor’s in Welding Technology

A CWS has to posses good communication skills and encourage team work. For one to qualify for the position of a Welding Supervisor, he/she must have many years experience in the welding industry. The salary of a CWS can range from $55,000 – $66,000.

Welding Technicians – $65,000+

A welding technician carries out the duties of welding in the industry or project. They make decisions during the welding process.

The welding technician chooses the right equipments to be used in the assembling work.  Although many view welding as a tiresome job, welding is far most the most secure job in this growing economy.

It is easy to secure a job in the welding industry because of the vast growth in the industry. Different machineries and automobiles constantly require welding services. This raises the hope for the upcoming welders who want to pursue welding as a career.

Welding technicians hold a major role in engineering, research and product development. Their responsibilities include:-

  • Conducting tests in the laboratory of the welding materials.
  • Operating welding and assembling processes
  • Troubleshoot welding problems.

Depending on the experience of the welder, a welding technician can take home a sum of $65,000 annually.

For one to be a qualified as a welding technician he/she has to have a certificate in welding, have a diploma and an apprenticeship course is also important.

Automobile Welders – $40,000 – $80,000

An automobile welder usually conducts repairs on vehicles and even automobiles. The skills of an automobile welder can extend to fabrication and designing of different kinds of metals.

Although the job sounds straight forward, there are little details of the work that arise on day to day activities.

Automobile welders carry out broad tasks from improving the structural designs to interpreting the factory manuals and diagrams. 

With the growth of technology and the invention of new automobile materials, automobile welders are constantly required to upgrade their skills.

The basic requirements for one to become a automobile welders are:-

  • Certificate in welding
  • Certificate in Engineering

Having the certificates helps one to increase incredibility when searching for a job. The automobile welding offers a great pay to those who a certified. Their pay averages $40,000 – $80,000.

Many people still categorize automobile welding as just welding but the details distinguish this kind of welding to other welding jobs. It takes several years of practice in order to offer a satisfactory service in the auto industry.

Final Words

Gone are the days when the history of welding was just one handy job. If you want to make a career out of welding, it might be the best decision ever. Most welders are earning a fortune in the industry and are enjoying working in the welding field. 


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