Eastwood 175 MIG Welder Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

If you are searching for a powerful machine for MIG and flux core welding, Eastwood 175 might be exactly what you are looking for. This machine is very versatile and a good option for beginners, intermediate and professional welders. It is also an excellent choice for those who deal with stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum.

If you are on a budget, you will be pleased to note that it provides similar results just like the top rated welders from the U.S.A. In our Eastwood 175 MIG Welder review, we shall look at all the features that makes it to stand out from the rest and why you need it for your projects. Don’t forget that it is among the most affordable options on the market.

Detailed Eastwood 175 MIG Welder Review

Dimensions : 10.75 x 17 x 15.75 inches
Weight : 62.lbs/ 24.5 kg
Functions : MIG and Flux core welding
Duty cycle : 30% @ 130 AMPS
Operating Range : 30-175 AMPS
Power Output : 220 Volts AC
Wire feed rate : 4.9ft/min – 39.3 ft/Min
Maximum voltage at no load : 20 V DC
Wire Size : 0.060 inches steel MIG and 0.030 Inch Aluminum wire
Spool size : Only works with 2 lbs wire spools
Length of input Power Cord : 6 feet

Before we go into details of this welder, let us first go through the features you should check when buying MIG welder.

How To Choose The Best MIG welder – Details To Consider

Below are some of the features you should consider when buying a MIG welder like Eastwood 175.

Material – You will find that most MIG welders are only compatible with specific metals. Therefore, you need to ensure that the one you have picked is compatible with the type of materials you work with on daily basis.

Voltage – If you are searching for a machine you can use for welding thick materials, you should look for one with a high voltage. These machines are very efficient and they also provide very clean welds as compared to those with a low voltage.

Duty cycle – This refers to the time the unit needs to cool before restarting. The higher the duties cycle the better. Again, welders with a high duty cycle enhance productivity because you don’t need to stop from time to time.

Easy to transport – Another thing you need to think of is the portability of the machine especially if you are planning to use it in different places. Welding machines comes with different sizes which means that you need to compare the designs before choosing the best.

Eastwood 175 MIG Features

Long lasting

The most impressive thing about Eastwood 175 MIG is that it has a durable construction. This means that it can serve you for many years if well maintained. All the parts are carefully made to ensure that they will work as expected. It is important to note that this machine comes with a 3 years warranty.


The other thing that makes this machine to be so popular is the fact that it provides an amazing performance. You can use it to cut ½-inch welds with just two passes. It also works perfectly on ¼-inch plates. Unlike other machines, this one provides very smooth and efficient welds.

You can also use it to weld 24 gauge to 5/16 inches of stainless steel. For aluminum, it can weld 4 gauge to ¼ inches when using a spool gun. Don’t forget that it also comes with a hose and a regulator to ensure that you get the best from it.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle rating of this machine is 130A@30%. This feature is very important because it ensures that the unit does not overheat. It also has an automatic shut off function which switches it off when it gets hot to prevent damages.

Wires sizes

  • MIG wire : 0.023 – 0.0030 inches
  • Flux core : 0.020 – 0.035 inches

Precision Drove Motor

It also comes with a precision drive motor which enables it to provide flawless wire feed without slipping on the wire. As a result, it provides very sold and clean welds since you do not need to revisit some spots.


This machine can be powered by a 220 volts power output and it also has an amp rating of 175A. As a result, you can use it to weld different materials such as stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and others.


You should also note that this machine also comes with control knobs which allows you to adjust the output voltage and amperage. As a result, it provides the required penetration. You can also adjust the wire speed to achieve the correct wire fill. Again, you can also control the wire speed according to the task. The precision drive motor and the control ensure that you get better welds unlike when you are using cheaper models.

Spool Gun

The other benefit of using this machine is that it comes with a spool gun which makes it ideal for welding aluminum. This spool gun allows you to weld 14 gauge- ¼-inch aluminum.


To ensure that you get the best when using the machine, it comes with a spool gun, hose and a regulator.

In short, the unit comes with everything you would need to get started. However, note that it does not come with a gas cylinder. You can use it to weld 0.8mm up to 4mm which means that it is very powerful.

Are Eastwood Welders Worth it?

Eastwood welders are among the best for nylon searching for top quality units. The company was launched 1978 by Curt Strohacker. When the company was launched, its primary aim was to help car owners on how to maintain their vehicle. The company continued to produce high quality tools and in 2003, it introduced its first welding tools in the market.

Their motto was “Do the job right” and just as the motor their products were nothing else but high quality. The company has really grown and it is a top choice by many welding enthusiasts. All the products are carefully checked before being released into the market. Again, the products comes with a decent warranty which gives consumers confidence that they are investing in reliable products. Unlike other companies, Eastwood provides excellent customer services which makes them to be the best.

They really care about their customers. If you decide to pick any of their products, you are sure that it will give you value for your money. Eastwood 175 MIG is one of the top rated welders from this company. It comes with amazing features which makes it suitable for both experienced welders and starters.

How Do MIG Welders Such As Eastwood 175 Work?

MIG welding is the most popular form of welding and it involves welding two or more metals using an electrode wire feed. MIG welding can be applied in different welding situations leek when you are repairing specific parts of a car or during construction of metallic structures. However, you cannot achieve anything if you don’t have a quality welding machine.

You should also be aware that MIG welders are very different which means that some are more powerful than others. As a result, they are compatible with specific metals which is another thing you need to check when buying. These machines also require to use a form of inert gas whereby CO2 and Argon are the most commonly used gases. These gases come in a cylinder which is then attached to the welding machine. As compared to CO2, argon is far much better because it provides more heat and a stronger arc.

However, you should always use MIG welders in a well-ventilated area. You should also ensure that you are wearing safety gears which are not flammable. Some of the items you will need include auto-darkening helmets, gloves, aprons and welding boots.


  • Ideal for intermediate and professionals
  • It comes with important accessories
  • Long lasting construction
  • Powerful machine
  • Very versatile
  • ETL approved
  • 3 years warranty
  • Affordable


  • Short duty cycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the machine come with 2 welding guns?

Answer: One of them is a torch which helps you to weld mild steel and stainless steel while the other one is a spool gun for welding aluminum.

Is Eastwood 175 suitable for MIG welding only?

Answer: This machine is not only suitable for MIG but it is also ideal for flux core welding.

Can it weld 5/16 steel when using gas?

Answer: Yes

Our Final Verdict

If you are searching for a versatile and affordable MIG welder, Eastwood 175 MIG might be what you need. You can use it to weld different metals such as stainless steel, aluminum and mild steel. It also comes with different accessories such as a regulator, spool gun and a hose. Whether you are an experienced welder or a starter, this machine will be a good choice. However, it is not suitable for heavy-duty applications.


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