Do You Need Gas For MIG Welding?

MIG Welding without a gas creates a bad weld and the welded part doesn’t have strong hold. MIG is an acronym for Metal Inert Gas. So do you need gas for MIG welding? Yes, a gas is needed for MIG welding.

In MIG welding, Helium and Argon are the gases used for welding. If a gas is not used in MIG welding then flux is used to protect the weld. A hollow wire filled with flux is what used as the welding wire.

Gasless MIG Welding

Gasless MIG welder is a small welding machine that is used for small or light projects either at home or in a workshop. A gasless MIG welder uses a flux core wire. The Gasless MIG welder can weld metal sheet, plate and box sections.

This machine needs to be very hot for it to weld thick metals. Most fabricators use this welder to repair cars. This machine is ideal for beginners because they don’t need to have a gas tank for shielding gas during welding.

A gasless MIG welding machine is pretty much the same thing as a flux core welder.

How Much Does The MIG Welder Use?

Most average welds use 25 to 30 cubic foot pounds per hour (CFH). When welding a thicker metal, you might be required to use more gas. Thinner metals use less gas compared to thick metals. The chart below illustrates a rough estimation on the CFH to use on different metal thicknesses.

1/4” metal15 CFH20 CFH
3/8” metal18 CFH22 CFH
1/2” metal22 CFH27 CFH
5/8” metal30 CFH35 CFH
3/4″ metal30 CFH40 CFH

The above chart can act as guide to you when practicing MIG welding using gas. The chart gives a range of numbers. This is because other factors consider the amount of gas to be used example wind and other factors.

Can You Weld Aluminum With Gasless MIG Welder?

The filler found for aluminum is solid. It’s necessary to have an eternal shielding gas for welding. It’s not possible to weld Aluminum without using either reactive or inert gas.

 There is no self shielded wire for Gasless MIG on Aluminum therefore MIG welding aluminum without gas is impossible.

Can You Use A Gas MIG Welder Without Gas?

If you want to MIG weld without a gas you will need a flux core wire. This is a tubular wire filled up with flux in it. The flux protects the weld so a shielding gas won’t be necessary.

You will need to replace the rollers in the MIG welding machine with rollers that have nuralled grove. Replacing the rollers helps the flux core wire move swiftly in the wire feeder without it being smashed.

Ensure that the feed rollers are not extremely tight because the flux core wire will be damaged hence producing a poor quality weld.

So can you use a Gas MIG welder without gas? Yes, it’s possible if a flux core wire is used.

MIG Welding With Flux Core Wire And A Shielding Gas

Is it possible to MIG weld using a flux core wire and a shielding gas? Yes, this is possible especially on windy areas.

Too much wind can blow away the shielding gas so the flux can be used because it has a deeper penetration.

Flux Cored Vs MIG Strength

When you want to weld, there are factors which you must consider in order for you to select an appropriate welding application. The following are the factors to consider:-

  • Metal thickness
  • Voltage settings
  • Shielding gas
  • The environment you’re welding in
  • Wire feed speed settings
  • How you want your work piece to appear.

The above factors will determine if you will use flux core or MIG welding process. MIG welding requires a solid wire electrode and a shielding gas. The shielding gas shields the molten weld pool from contamination form the atmosphere.  The shielding gas used in MIG makes the process less portable.

In Flux core welding no shielding gas is required making the process more portable than MIG welding. Flux core welding produces strong welds. However, the strength of the two processes is highly dependent on the welding project and the welding location.

Can You Weld Outside Using A No Gas MIG Welder?

Welding outside using a no gas welder is possible because the flux produced protects the weld. The flux found inside the wire produces slag on top of the weld bead.

Can You Weld Using A MIG Welder Outside?

Welding outside using a MIG welder can be a bit tricky especially in windy conditions. The wind blows away the shielding gas, leaving the weld to be contaminated. When the wind blows away the gas, you’re left with porosity in your welds hence a poor weld.

MIG Welding Gas 75/25

MIG welding gas 75/25 is the best gas selection for carbon steel. When using this gas selection, you don’t have to worry about burn through. The bead produces looks smooth and the spatter is less compared to 100 percent Carbon Dioxide. Aluminum and stainless steel can be welded using other MIG welding gases.

MIG Welding Gas Pressure

Adjust your gas pressure when you’re required to do so. If there is a strong wind blowing you might need a higher gas pressure. Do not set the pressure too high because your welds will end up with porosity which in turn will affect the strength of your weld.

Final Word

At last how much gas you will need in your welding project it will depends on the size of your metal. Try your best to ensure that safety measures are also adhered to. If you are still looking for more information about welding stay connect with us on


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