5 Best Antra Welding Helmet – Reviews And Buying Guide

Do you want to purchase the best Antra welding helmet? The loyal companion of all welders is, of course, the welding helmet. And among the main aims of a quality one are absolute protection, brilliant performance, and durability.

With so many models on the market, welders can get a headache trying to find the right one. Actually, there are numerous brands that do business in this field. One such is Antra, whose helmets are the subject of today’s post. Below you’ll find detailed reviews of some of the company’s signature models. They include detailed specifications, as well as benefits and possible drawbacks. We’ll also walk you through some features to consider in the buying guide.

5 Best Antra Welding Helmet Review

On the welding helmets market, Antra holds a special place. It produces models that are in high-quality and cost less money than the others in their league. In fact, you can purchase helmets for less than $100. And they still serve their purpose completely.

What stands out about this brand is that it aims at offering auto-darkening helmets. Usually, they are powered with solar energy and batteries. Depending on the job, the shades darken by themselves. This way your face is protected before the arc hits. Another thing is the versatility. Furthermore, Antra’s helmets can be utilized for more different tasks like MIG, TIG, stick welding, and even grinding.

Here we’ll present some of the top models with reviews containing the good and the bad sides. Enjoy!

1. Antra AH7-X90-6403 Welding Helmet – Best Choice

The first thing people notice about this helmet is its cool design. The outside is covered with a blue graphic. It looks nice while you’re welding. That’s why those that want efficiency and appearance at the same time will find pleasure in owning this model.

Regarding its performance, it has 4 sensors. They are controlled digitally. And they are the reason why the lenses darken automatically and very fast. More precisely, their darkening time is 1/25.000 of a second. You won’t even know when the harmful sparks appear because your face will instantly be protected in the dark. Despite this, the view is unaffected. There is an LCS shade display that offers a clear image.

Another detail worth mentioning is its versatility. You can utilize for various tasks. They range from grinding and cutting metal to TIG, MIG, and Plasma welding. This comes in very helpful if you do this professionally. Even if you have various tasks to attend to at home, you’ll be able to with the same helmet.

Obviously, some people would think that all of these features will make the helmet hard to wear. It’s quite the contrary. This is a really lightweight model. Moreover, welders can have it on all day and still feel comfortable and without any fatigue. To make it easier for welders to operate it, it has an LCD that can be completely customized. It remembers the last settings, too. So, you aren’t required to adjust the helmet every time before putting it on.

If we have to name a downside, it’ll be that the headband can get loose at times. At least this is what people say.

More meaningful features and specifications are:
 Size of the viewing area: 3.86×3.23 inches
 Class of optics: 1/1/1/1
 Weight: 18.5 ounces
 Digital-controlled shades
 Cheater lenses

2. Antra AH6-260-0000 Welding Helmet

This is a really special model. First and foremost, this is due to the wide viewing area. Through it, welders can clearly see the objects in front of them and their surroundings. Furthermore, you can perform various welding jobs like TIG, plasma, MIG, and arch. As it works with both magnifying and cheater lenses, you can choose based on how much precision you need for the job.

Beginners can use it, as well. This is because its reaction time is just 0.00004 seconds. Not to mention that it offers a maximum of 16 shades. They contribute to the increased protection from IR and UV rays. In case the welding tasks last longer, you have the option to switch between battery and solar power. Welders that do their job outside tend to go for solar power.

Aside from this, the helmet has a strong and durable design. It’s made of polyamide nylon, which resists high impact. Because of this, you can use it to take care of tough tasks. Even though it’s a strong model, it’s lightweight. Yes, it weighs only one pound. So, it’s suitable for hobbyists and professionals alike.

However, there are some complaints to address. Users state that the knob for adjusting the settings is a bit fragile. Others point out that the sensors didn’t work properly in some instances.

Here are some more features and specifications:

 Automatic turning on and off
 Solar power plus two replaceable batteries
 Battery indicator
 Weight: 1 pound
 Built-in filter for detecting rays
 Variable shades: 4/5-9/9-13
 Size of the viewing area: 3.86×1.73 inches
 Four premium sensors

3. Antra AH7-860-0000 Welding Helmet

With this one, Antra focused on the comfortability of the welder and durability. Therefore, this is a relatively light helmet. It weighs 2 pounds, to be more precise. This causes no strains or fatigue while wearing it. That’s why you are able to complete longer welding tasks both outside and inside. When you are outside, you can take advantage of the solar cells to power the headgear. Another power option is the lithium replaceable batteries. 

To make sure it doesn’t fall off, Antra incorporated a strap headband. What’s more, it’s made to absorb sweat. Not to mention that the polyimide nylon contributes to the helmet’s overall toughness. Because of it, it resists tear and wear.

Many people want to perform multiple jobs with the welding helmet they get. They can do so with this one. It’s equipped with four premium sensors for detecting danger. And can be utilized with different welding applications like arc, TIG, MIG, and plasma. Especially, professionals need this a lot.

Speaking of this, there is an automatic on and off option. Therefore, welders shouldn’t worry about turning it off manually. Once the job is done, it’ll do that by itself. Before it completely shuts down, though, the filter for detecting the arcs stays alive for 10 minutes in the dark surroundings. Also, you can pick from magnifying and cheating lenses. You don’t need to remove the helmet to do this. 

Moreover, the automated controls enable you to weld knowing that the right shade is protecting you. This model has variable shades 4/5-9/9-13 for maximizing the security. They are responsible for keeping infrared and UV radiations at bay. Only note that some users had difficulties with the lenses. Apparently, flash entered their eyes occasionally.

Some other specifications are as follows:

 Size of the viewing area: 3.86×3.5 inches
 Color: Black
 Weight: 2 pounds
 Adjusting knob for sensitivity
 Reaction time: 1/30.000 seconds
 Hard hat adapter
 Inner covers of lenses

4. Antra AH6-660-6217 Welding Helmet

Beginners will find this helmet very suitable. This is due to the fact that it has a very quick response time of only 0.00004 seconds. This means that it changes from light to dark in that time. Therefore, if you aren’t really familiar with UV rays, it’ll protect you instantly. All dangerous sparks and radiations are kept away by the sixteen shades. Because of this, the helmet is suitable for numerous tasks among which is grinding, TIG, MAG, MIG, and SMAW.

More precisely, the lenses can be adjusted between 5 and 13 shades. This depends on the nature of the work. Yet it’s advisable to. Wear it during stick welding a metal that’s thin. Also, it should be noted that this helmet weighs just 435 grams. This makes it very easy to have it on for a longer time. Despite this, the helmet is durable thanks to the nylon it’s made of.

As for the view, it offers a wide area. Through it, you can observe many details around you. And it’s an auto-darkening model with an easily-adjustable sensitivity. The step-less knob helps with this. It is accompanied by the automated functions for turning the helmet on and off.

However, have in mind that there are some cons. Other users reported that if the helmet is utilized for a longer time, the plastic nuts can skip out. This can be dangerous for the welder’s health. Also, apparently the sensors can get too sensitive.

After all of these, we enclose some additional features and specifications:

 Designed with magnifying and cheater lenses
 Four premium sensors
 Viewing area: 3.78×2.50 inches
 Variable shade: 5-9/9-13
 Indicator for battery life
 Class of optics: 1/1/1/2
 Exterior and inner covers of the lenses

5. Antra DP9 Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet

If you are on a budget, this is a suitable helmet for you. In fact, it offers a nice value for the money. For starters, it includes four sensors operated by a smart chip. These are responsible for the darkening of the lenses.

Overall, the design consists of fine materials. But this doesn’t make it tough to wear. And the window for viewing the area is big enough for multiple welding tasks. Actually, it’s 3.86×3.23 inches. Many details are visible from it. For an even more detailed image, though, the welders can choose between the cheater and magnifying lenses. According to the work, the shades can go from 5 to 13. The automatic button for turning it on and off is a plus. It’s accompanied by the darkening filter that adjusts itself. After the helmet is shut down, it stays on for about 10 minutes more in the dark.

As an auto-darkening helmet, it has a very quick response time of 0.00004 seconds. This enables it to secure the face from damaging UV and infrared sparks and flashes. Because of all of these features, you can use this helmet for grinding, cutting, and welding tasks without any issues. While it isn’t really meant for professionals, homeowners can freely use it in their workshops. Not to forget, it has a simple design that fits well in all surroundings.

Now we would like to mention that some welders presented some downsides. Among the main ones is the auto-darkening feature. According to some, it tends to be a bit sloppy at times.

Read on for more details and specifications of this helmet:

 Dual powered with both solar cells and replaceable batteries
 6+1 extra covers of the lenses
 Range of shades: 3/5-8/9-14
 Very affordable
 Weight: 19OZ
 Size of cartridge: 4.33×3.54×0.35 inches

Guide For Buyers – Details To Consider Before Making The Purchase

Choosing the right welding helmet to purchase can be a tough job. There are just so many models on the market. And all of them incorporate features you need. However, you should dive deeper and decide which details are the most important to you.

Here we’ll go over some of them and help you decide.

Type of Welder

The welding helmet that will ultimately find its place in your shopping cart really depends (among other things) on what type of welder you are. It makes a difference if you weld every day for eight hours or if you just do it as a hobby.

That’s why welders should first analyze what they need the helmet for. If you plan to work full-time with the helmet, don’t hesitate to look for pricier models. You’d want safety, great vision, and excellent performance. And, usually, these models do well in these categories.


The two most basic factors for deciding the final purchase are the above-mentioned preferences and price. Moreover, most of welding helmet experts will tell you that a helmet that meets your particular needs is far better than a fancy, overly-priced one. In fact, the more expensive models sometimes offer extra features that you may presently not need or won’t use. So, know your budget and you’ll definitely find a suitable helmet both online or in a physical store.

Welding Job

Depending on the welding job, you may research simpler or more complex models. If your tasks are monotone and require very few welding techniques, the former will do just fine. The latter kind of models is more for versatile welding tasks. One such example is the grinding mode which some helmets have.

Also, you may be performing a particular welding application such as MIG or TIG. In these situations, it’s wise to browse the manual or specifications of the helmets to see if these applications are supported.


The environment and surroundings where you work may play a role in deciding which helmet to buy. Overhead welding, for one, requires a helmet that doesn’t slip easily. Furthermore, the welder should be equipped with a model that shields the whole face.

You can do the welding inside or outside, too. Traditional auto-darkening helmets may not be the most suitable option for outdoor welding. That’s because the sunlight may prevent the product from serving you properly. On the other hand, automatic darkening with an electromagnetic field sounds more adequate.

Respirator Adjustments

Fumes, smoke, as well as other gases, can harm the welder. These byproducts of the welding process can easily penetrate the helmet if it doesn’t have proper ventilation. Some of the organs that are likely to suffer the most are lungs, kidneys, the liver, and more.

That’s why the best manufacturers nowadays try to mend that. They take a step forward by designing systems that block the gases. However, there are still welders who say that they aren’t a hundred percent efficient. So, some consider buying respirators.

One form of respirators are the more traditional respirators that are placed under the helmet. Another solution is a modern helmet with a respiratory system. This version is, usually, an add-on which isn’t mandatory. More, the respirator can be worn on the back or hips, and such.

Unique Pattern And Design

Besides the standard black color, you must have seen the cool designs and colors on helmets that circle the internet. Helmets nowadays come in numerous colors, including camo models. From skulls and flags to attractive girls and eye-catching patterns, brands are competing to be more attractive. There are designs with superheroes and pop culture characters, too. If you want to make your item stand out from the rest, you can opt for stickers.

Final Remarks

All in all, it’s safe to say that Antra is a worthy brand. Its helmets possess many useful features. And the design is durable and strong. Thanks to this, you can perform all types of welding tasks without any problems. Not to mention that in most cases, these helmets have wide viewing areas. They contribute to more detailed views. To make sure you know all the details including the ups and downs of the models, we presented unbiased reviews. In them, we shared what other welders think of the helmets, as well. We hope they will get you on the right path and assist you in your shopping.

Now it’s your turn. What are your thoughts and opinions regarding Antra’s welding helmets? Have you owned one? Talk to us here.


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