Being a part of a welding arch can certainly be a challenging thing to do. But beyond any doubt, it is not a huge challenge for James Johnson, a 25 year old man who has somehow been in the welding business since he was an adolescent. The work was introduced to him by his father and today it is a part of his everyday life. Following the family tradition and wanting to become an entrepreneur, James has now expanded the family business his father has started, and runs a company alongside his brother. Having his father as a certified welder by his side and taking into consideration the experience and lessons he taught him, James learned to fuse metal better than his father.

Despite the fact that he has to be more often at the office, he likes to have his hands highly involved in everything in the field. He does payroll and pays the bills, tries to do purchasing sometimes, he project manages jobs and when is needed, he welds. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company strives to establish a standard for responsiveness and quality. The main goal is to address the significant requirements for welding safety and to build solution-focused, leading products. Products that meet the needs of construction, manufacturing and fabrication. As he likes to say, the welding can be used much more than we can think of in our domestic errands. After few years James realized that his true passion is entrepreneurship but his strong connection with welding was not broken. Working with metal from his adolescent years had influenced on James to make him one of the youngest but the best welders in the region, having a sharp eye and strong grip, James can join everything, from metals to thermoplastics, fusing them to the point of unification.

James cannot decide what is his greater passion, welding or running business, so he is doing both of them. It can be tiring, but James never forgets his time as welder before devoting his work to entrepreneurship. In addition to being great welder and entrepreneur he is a great teacher to young people coming into the welding trade. Outside of his office James is a different person committed to share his knowledge and skills in welding. During his free time, James strives to provide quality reviews on welding products that can greatly enhance the quality work and efficiency of his fellow peers. James is considered to be jack of all trades and welding is one of his strongest sides. His great passion is bringing metal together as bringing people together. Known for his home made parties and barbeque in his backyard he succeeded to add cooking to his skills. Born helper and supporter, James should be considered as the right guy to listen to, when it comes to the welding businesses. He clearly understands the welding equipment and manufacturers and he is not afraid to share his opinion by always looking for a challenge to debate welding techniques over a coffee or drink.